Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Tiny Reminder

Putting clothes away in my daughter's closet, I came across a newborn sized diaper.  Not sure why I hung onto one, but I think I liked the reminder of how small she started out .  Fresh and new and oh so tiny.  I  picked it up and held it to my chest for a moment.  Thoughts of a new little boy or girl to join our little tribe (although it won't be so little anymore), excited me.  Remembering that new baby smell, teeny hands and feet, rose petal soft skin to endlessly kiss throughout day and night.......heavenly.

I still have days when this unexpected pregnancy scares me and makes me doubt my ability to do this all again right now.  But that fierce Mother-bear feeling takes over and I know things will be ok.  Everyone needs a tiny reminder once in a while.  They can come in many forms. Pay attention and you just may learn something, even from a diaper.

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