Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

'Tis the season to be jolly!  Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season.  I know it has only just begun, but I have to say, things have been in full swing around here since Thanksgiving!  Just the tree to get up this weekend and then the halls are officially decked! 

Having three kids in the house this year brings lots of fun.  We can see the holiday through our childrens eyes, discovering it all, trying to figure how this holiday thing works, and is a chance to start traditions and spend extra time together, crafting, laughing, movie watching, and so much more. 

Take a look at how the holidays are shaping up around here.  We start with this at home photo shoot of Chica.  She got all the attention on this day and we got some keepsake pictures, for sure.  It is our tradition to dress the babes in Santa garb and snap away.  We frame them and at holiday time we have all their pics of our Santa Babies on display and I just melt every time I see them. 

Tree lighting festivities ensemble.  She also had a pink glow stick so I could spot this little runner!  The antlers blinked and she got lots of attention from everyone she met.  I think she will be the mayor someday.  She talks it up with everybody!!! 
This is Beary,  our Elf on the Shelf.  The kids and Hubby and I are having SO much fun with him every day!  Here he sits on one of my pride and Christmas Story Village!  LOVE that movie.
Here he is again.
Me and the wee one. 
Kiddos making clay ornaments as one of their Advent activities that I planned for them. 
Elf love. 
Another look at the village. 
Need a drink after watching my three all day, Elf?  Yeah.  Me too. 
I got this Mama.  Go ahead and keep decorating. 
Advent calender that I made for the kids.  Envelopes for everyday with a small treat inside, candy, or an activity.  I will try to post more on the activities and ideas I used for this. 
Yarn docoration that Marmalade and I made together.  Wrap yarn around a cardboard cut-out of a tree.  Hot glue the top and a bit on the back of the tree.  Wrap, wrap, wrap.  Done. 
Watching Christmas shows. 
Canoe full of pine cones that Marmalade and I collected on our walks.  We made garlands for the windows that Bubba helped me spray with fake snow in a can.  We also filled tall glass cylinder vases of pines cones and red and gold ornaments.  Rustic, natural, and beautiful. 
Our lovely neighbor left a gift for us on our front steps.  A handmade quilt for the baby!  It is gorgeous.  I just love those random acts of love in the world.  

Lots more fun to be had this season.  Enjoy every day of it.  Be in the now and take is all in! 

Oh yeah, and SMILE!  Smiling is my favorite!  

Mama Nic

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get Your Heads on Straight! What are you waiting for?

I switched on NPR last week while driving to work and a man was reading a poem.  Not just a poem.  A poem that nearly smacked me in the head and shouted at me.  In a loving but concerned way.  Like a good friend or a Sister would.  You know what I mean?

It moved me so much,  I "Googled" it when I got home and read it.....and read it......and read it again.   I let each word sink in and swirl around my brain.  She was really on to something here.

I would like to share it with you.  

Here it is.

Advice to Myself
Leave the dishes. Let the celery rot in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator
and an earthen scum harden on the kitchen floor.
Leave the black crumbs in the bottom of the toaster.
Throw the cracked bowl out and don't patch the cup.
Don't patch anything. Don't mend. Buy safety pins.
Don't even sew on a button.
Let the wind have its way, then the earth
that invades as dust and then the dead
foaming up in gray rolls underneath the couch.
Talk to them. Tell them they are welcome.
Don't keep all the pieces of the puzzles
or the doll's tiny shoes in pairs, don't worry
who uses whose toothbrush or if anything
matches, at all.
Except one word to another. Or a thought.
Pursue the authentic—decide first
what is authentic,
then go after it with all your heart.
Your heart, that place
you don't even think of cleaning out.

That closet stuffed with savage mementos.
Don't sort the paper clips from screws from saved baby teeth
or worry if we're all eating cereal for dinner
again. Don't answer the telephone, ever,
or weep over anything at all that breaks.
Pink molds will grow within those sealed cartons
in the refrigerator. Accept new forms of life
and talk to the dead
who drift in through the screened windows, who collect
patiently on the tops of food jars and books.
Recycle the mail, don't read it, don't read anything
except what destroys
the insulation between yourself and your experience
or what pulls down or what strikes at or what shatters
this ruse you call necessity. 

"Advice to Myself" by Louise Erdrich from Original Fire. © Harper Collins Publishers, 2003.

To me this poem is screaming to get your #$%$ together.  Get your head on straight,  man.  What else can be more important in your life?  Do it now.  Don't wait!  The dusting can wait, the everyday tasks that you sometimes see as a got it all wrong.  YOU are the priority.  Now is the priority.  THIS moment is the priority.  What is on the inside of you is what matters.  Get that in order first and foremost.  Get connected.  Are you with me?

I highlighted the parts that were screaming at me.  Are they talking to you at all?  Are they yelling?  If so, do something.  Show up for the lesson.  Once you start to wake up you will notice these "lessons" just show up for you.  Out of thin air, they start to show up.    Attend.  Participate in them.  Maybe meditate, be in the now, clear your head, follow your bliss.

This poem just resonates with me.  I hope you enjoyed it too.

Mama Nic

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Look at Thanksgiving Day

Take a break from shopping online today and take a look at what our Thanksgiving day looked like. 

Cousins!.......and future babysitter!  :)

Chica is all smiles.

Playtime with the girls and Bubba! (man, he is sooo outnumbered!!!)

Marmalade in her new dress from the Tea Collection and showing off her new bob haircut!

Well, hello Blue Eyes.

Without knowing my Sister and I dressed our daughters in the same shirt, just different colors. :) 

Play with me!

Hmmm What do we have here?

Hi Hubby!

Lots of littles in the house!! 

My big guy looks SO big to me here.  He was going back for more dip....and more and more. 
I hope you enjoyed your day with friends and family! 

Gobble, gobble.

Mama Nic

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I want to be clear let me spell it out.

 The list this year could go on and on.  Here are some biggies!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Enjoy your families and friends, eat well, laugh too hard, indulge a little,  let your thanks be known, be safe, be giving, stay in the now and enjoy it as it comes.

Love you all,
Mama Nic

 Now, let me begin......and like I said, this really is JUST the beginning of my thanks.

Three healthy kids!

Another Year on this beautiful planet earth!



Internal Awakening!
Van big enough to get us all around!

Intuition!.......Really getting that lesson.  Trust it, always!


Grandparents!......theirs AND mine.  Love you Gram and Thanks Mima & Brumpa and Gramma & Poppy for all you do!!!