Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Tribute to Mama's Best Friend, Maguiness

Today I lost a long time friend........a co-pilot, a playmate, a greeter at the door, a drool maker, a pillow for my kids, a watch guard of our home and everyone in it, a member of our family that was with me before this family was even dog, Maguiess.   

Things are pretty raw for me today.  It is a sad day.  I can't even bear that feeling of coming home again and not seeing her waiting for me at the door.....tail wagging.  Oh that little stump of a tail.....I loved that little tail.

I wanted to share with you all a look at some of our memories of her.  She was a crazy dog.  A silly girl who was ALWAYS in some sort of trouble.  The stories we will have about her are plentiful and full of happiness.  She was an angel around the kids and full of patience even in times that I had none left in me.  She was stubborn and determined and a love.  We did have our struggles with her and her health has been on the decline slowly.  I am just glad that she isn't suffering and that she can rest easy now.  

She was given to me as a gift by my husband (who was my boyfriend then) 9 years ago for Valentine's Day.  She pounced in the door with a red balloon tied around her tummy.  Her big eyes, and soft droopy ears will be remembered forever.  Her gentleness.....

Good bye, my "Maggie Mae" as I like to call you.  Rest in Peace.

 Here are some memories, in no particular order but in our hearts for sure.



Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey Friendship!!!

Rare occurrence ladies....and are there any gentleman out there reading this?  Just curious about that.  Anyways, things have been rough lately.  Nothing specific happened to make me say that, just a lot of little and some bigger things and the time of year it is and man, it has been a hell of a year me me.  Things are just catching up with me I guess.  I am feeling it, for sure. 

SO, when I was on the phone with my Sis and I mentioned that there is a band playing down at a local bar that I wanted to check out, she said "go!"  "I will watch the kids!"  I said, no, no, no, it's ok.  It's been a long week and I haven't even showered today and hubby is probably tired form working.  She said to think about it and call her back.

As tired and not into going out past my bedtime as I was......I called her back and said. "We will go!"

Kids all tucked into bed, Sis on kid duty, and we were off.

Old friends that I haven't seen in forever where there.  Things felt good.  Familiar and strange all at the same time.  And then........................................

These guys started to play!  The Hornitz!

If you don't know them already, here they are.............

I dare you NOT to start moving your body.  I dare you.

They played this..........

and some of this.........

and a bit of this......

Until this Mama got her groove back!  It didn't take long.  I danced and drank some cold beers and it all felt great.  Music does that to ya, though.  Music brings people together.  Music melts away the stress of life. Music is great therapy.  I was digging them big time.  As tired as I felt the next day from "over grooving it", it was all worth it.  I will take a tired Saturday for a Friday night that helped me remember who I am, besides a Mom.  I am a girl who loves to jam.

I had to share this band with you all in case they ever come around in your town.  Check them out.  They will not disappoint.

Mama Nic

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hello, 2013! Time to REINVENT!!!

Hi Y'all!  Happy New Year to you and yours.  

I know I have been kind of MIA for a while.  I apologize.  I needed the holiday season to really be there with my family. I needed to suck in every moment and enjoy the magic of having a 4 year old, 2 year old and a 5 month old.  To be honest, I just didn't have it in my to write, nor could I find the time.  You see Chica isn't napping for as long or as often as she once did and that has shifted how I can spend my time.  What time?!?!  Let';s be real here.  And for whatever reason lately I feel like I am busier than ever, overwhelmed to the brim, and not feeling like the rockin' Mama that I know I am....or can be.  I am working on this.  Back to the point.......

I was putting off posting until I could say something big or heartful, but it was looming over me and I decided to just start small and build from there.  So here I am.

Here is a super easy, quick craft that you can do right now and it will only take you ten minutes tops!  

I reinvented a t-shirt and made it into a scarf!

I got the idea from Pinterest.  Here is how it goes:

Find an old shirt that you no longer wear.  This little number is 10 years old and this Mama body will never fit into it again.  Don't know why I hung onto this one for so long but I am glad I did.  

Cut shirt.

Cut slits and then pull each fringe piece.  Note:  The fringe will roll into itself when you pull it.  When it is first cut it lies straight. 
Done!  Bye-bye old shirt!  Hello, new scarf! 
It is as easy at that!

Love you all and I will try to catch up another day with how our holidays went.  

Welcome to another year and another chance for you to do something crazy with this one life we get.  The good crazy not the nut house crazy.......hahahaha.  I say this as I down my first Lumiday.

Love you,
Mama Nic