Monday, November 26, 2012

A Look at Thanksgiving Day

Take a break from shopping online today and take a look at what our Thanksgiving day looked like. 

Cousins!.......and future babysitter!  :)

Chica is all smiles.

Playtime with the girls and Bubba! (man, he is sooo outnumbered!!!)

Marmalade in her new dress from the Tea Collection and showing off her new bob haircut!

Well, hello Blue Eyes.

Without knowing my Sister and I dressed our daughters in the same shirt, just different colors. :) 

Play with me!

Hmmm What do we have here?

Hi Hubby!

Lots of littles in the house!! 

My big guy looks SO big to me here.  He was going back for more dip....and more and more. 
I hope you enjoyed your day with friends and family! 

Gobble, gobble.

Mama Nic

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