Friday, March 30, 2012

Memories to come.....

It arrived! Her own special baby book. It is a Molly West handboundbook. Handmade from scratch. I love these books. They are for pregnancy and first year memories. I pride myself on filling every (or very close to every) page for my sweet babies. I leave the books on my nightstand that whole year and write and as I can or feel inspired to do so.   I find the 5 year books overwhelming. These are perfect. Simple. Timeless.

The red tricycle one is for my newest, the polka dots was for my daughter. I got hooked on these books after hers. The book titled "The Wonder of You" was for my son. That is another great book but the quality doesn't compare. The spiral already came of the jacket cover. But, nonetheless is a complete and precious book for my first born.

I look forward to this new life, new adventure and new love.

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