Monday, October 22, 2012

One Coughs, Two Coughs, Three Coughs....UGH

 Hi.  Remember me?  It's Mama Nic.

I know I have been MIA for a bit but I have been here.  Trust me,  I have been home in the trenches so to speak.  Actually if I haven't been here I have been at work.  Yes,  work!  I started back again but instead of full time, I am now in a new position just 2 days a week.  Being out of the house for 2 days is nice.  I wouldn't or couldn't possibly handle more than that right now, but 2 days is working out.   At least I get to sit down and eat my lunch for a change.  Working is not so much working out  for Kaiya or her Grandparents who have to care for her while she is going through some pretty serious separation anxiety issues,  but I have to have faith that they will all work it out. 

So besides getting back into the swing of our new schedules due to be returning to the workplace outside the home, it has been a full on battle of the germs and I hate to say....the germs are winning.  Hubby got a cold, then Bubba was sick, then Marmalade, and now today Chica is coming down with a cough and stuffy nose.  I am bracing for her to get it full on with fever and such that the other kids had.  Needless to say I am feeling pretty overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out to the max.  I feel inches away from my breaking point some days.  I really am just trying to take things one day at a time here with my husband as we raise these three wonderful kids and take care of the house, 2 dogs, a  cat, and each other.  It is hard and some days I feel like our ship is sinking.  Things are piling up, the to do list is growing, dishes and laundry are endless, and then there is the night nursing, feeding bottles, pumping to make the bottles, noses to wipe, diapers to change, vomit to clean up, temperatures to be taken, medicine to be given, doctor appointments to go to and just for good measure the shower that we just put in about four years ago got a crack in the base and decided yesterday would be a good day to leak through and down into the ceiling below and come out pouring.............(at least it came out pouring into a room that needs to eventually be gutted and done over anyway, I guess.  Maybe sooner than later now.)

I get calls and emails that always say "How goes the battle?" because they all know it is a battle for us lately. I am glad to have people check in on us and I know I am supported although all the support in the world doesn't help those overwhelming moments I have throughout the day and night when things seem to just peak with chaos and noise and stress and everybody.   At the end of the day Hubby kisses me and says "we made it through another day."  It may seem like a small victory to you all but for us it is huge.   

Not sure how to wrap up this post,  but I must for there is a ton to do.  Why am I blogging instead of taking care of business right now?  I need to take a short break to write.  Sometimes you need to take a break to do what you want to do rather than what you need to do.  But duty calls and while this co-captain of the ship is still healthy, I must go and get the job done.

Take a look below at our little quick outing to get pumpkins with the "big" kids.  Chica was snug and warm with her Mima while we took advantage of no one having a fever and got out of the house for an hour.  We packed the kleenex, took the cough syrup and headed out to a farm on a cold and damp fall day in New England.  We missed you Chicaboom, my snugly babe, laugh-out-louder, thumb sucker, smiley one but we did pick out a pumpkin for you too.

When it rains it pours.....sometime out of the ceiling!

Mama Nic

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