Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mama's Around the World......I need a Prayer

Have you ever sat down and thought about how amazingly powerful Mamas are?  I have.  I have a lot lately seeing different Mamas in their own situations that call on them to have some HUGE strength everyday.  Some are being asked more than others to be a Super Mama,  but all Mamas are super and more importantly they are strong.  Mamas are my heros.

I will make this simple.  I need a favor.  I need every Mama reading this post to help me out. I need you all to say a prayer, a positive thought, send a loving vibe, a healing thought, a warm wish.  Take all your light inside your Super Mama body and mind and for one second please send it all to a baby girl named Harper.  If you can do it again throughout the day, pass this along to another Mama to do the same, think her as often as you can and send her all that light and love, I would be forever grateful.  I wouldn't ask you if it weren't important.  It is.  Trust me, it is.

I won't get into the complex details surrounding this little girl's arrival, but I will try to make this summary short because I want to focus on the positive and ask that you all do the same.

Her Mama is my friend.  Her Mama had this little baby girl way too early.  She may be little but she is a fighter and strong and we need to her keep getting stronger and stronger everyday and come on home with her family.  We need her healthy and home where she belongs.  I may be making this way too simple but if I can just do one thing for this girl, for her Mama, for her whole will be to get the world sending love and light to Harper.

So I am calling out to Latvia, Russia, Canada, Egypt, Hong Kong, The United States, Indonesia, Taiwan, the UK, Australia, Germany, Norway, India and whomever else may be finding this post......please, take a moment and send that baby girl your thoughts.  Maybe you can even comment on this post and wish her Mama and family well too.

Together we can make a difference.  I want her to feel all this love today.  I want her family to feel it.  

Thanks for listening.

Mama Nic

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