Friday, January 6, 2012

Mama Needs Her Groove Back

I wore lipstick to work this morning.

What's the big deal, you ask?   I tell you what the big deal is.

I am the lip gloss queen. I wear it almost every day, even at home.  It makes me feel good.  I am usually pretty confident in myself and like to put together outfits that will make me feel groovy.  Let's face it sometimes when you look good you feel good.  (or better at least......sometimes.  It works, I swear!)

But lately, I am frumpaliscious.

No groovy clothes, no lip gloss.  Just a whole lot of big sweatshirts or sweaters and whatever pants I can fit into that day.  It's getting depressing.  I am not a superficial person but I do appreciate that everyone has a style.  I think fashion is fun.  I am not talking getting decked out every day but just wearing that cute top and new shade of lip gloss or pulling our those funky shoes that you love so much.  Mixing it up!

Three months of not just good ole morning sickness but vomiting, headaches, extreme fatigue and now onto bad skin thanks to the hormonal free-for-all zooming through this tired Mama's body,  has really taken its toll.  Not to mention the emotional stress that having the Mirena still in my body and carrying a little life is doing to me. (more on that on another post)  My worries are endless when it comes to that,  and then I start thinking of how I will need a bigger vehicle to hold 3 car seats...........and how can I continue to work full time when the cost of daycare will suck me dry of every last penny that I may earn..........and we have a 3 bedroom house and we could use  a 4 now.  The list goes on and on.

So this morning, I wore lipstick.  I took extra effort to pull together an outfit that is not jeans and a sweatshirt.  It wasn't easy, especially this morning.   I woke up with a slamming headache and went to the toilet for my morning puke session.  The kids kept me up all night between one being sick and one having night terrors, so sleep was just a dream for me last night.

Mama needs to get her groove back!  With my second trimester just around the corner, I am hoping, praying, and begging the universe that my groove will return for at least a little while.  I am hanging onto that hope of the little energy burst I have usually in mid-pregnancy .  That time where the morning sickness fades to a memory and although you have some new aches and pains, things seem a little more tolerable for a while.  Until they get worse again at that end,  but I am not thinking of that yet!

So maybe, just maybe wearing a sassy lipstick or gloss will get me one step closer to my old self.  It can’t hurt to try.

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