Monday, August 13, 2012

A Monday Spent in our PJ's

This Monday we spent the day in our pj's.  Me and the three kids.  I feel more like a medicine dispenser than anything lately,  and it was one of those days where getting dressed never made it to the "must do today" list that I keep.  Seriously, I do have this list or nothing gets done.  Besides, if it doesn't get written done I have already forgotten it.  So lists are essential. 

Chica has a stubborn case of thrush and is on round 2 on antibiotics which because I am nursing,  that means so am I.  I also came down with mastitis on Friday and have to take 4 pills a day just for that.  Bubba stayed home from pre-school today because he can't stop coughing.  It has been one medicine,  vitamin, swab,  or cleaning of some sort every hour it seems. 
We still managed somehow to have some craft time.  I have been saving greeting cards for a while now and today was the day I pulled them out to do this craft with the kids.  I cut out images and they glued them on paper and colored.  They loved it and it was something even my 2 year old could do!
Bubba's art.  (sorry for the not-so-great pics today)
Marmalade's art.
Chica got in some tummy-time on her activity mat.  Lift that head, Chica!  Great job!
And to even things out.....some time on her back to wiggle and stare at the ceiling fan while listening to music.
And what is a day without play-dough?

I am hoping that these health issues clear up for everyone here real soon. Despite the fact that 3 out of four of us today weren't at our top game, we made it through the day and had some fun together.  Bubba even said to me that he is going to be sick everyday so that he can stay at home with me. heart!!!  I hope you had a good Monday despite any negatives that are going on in your world.  It is all about the silver lining. Chin up.

Someone needs their meds.....

Over and Out.
Mama Nic

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  1. Two of my kiddos had thrush as newborns. And I had double mastitis with First Born Son. I was so angry at the local La Leche League because they kept telling me it was just the flu. I think that because I was a new breastfeeding mother- they were quick to write off my complaints and symptoms. I kept nursing around the clock despite the incredible pain. I was dealing with fevers as high as 104 and I was fainting every time I stood up. I suffered with it for 4 weeks before my doctor finally diagnosed it. I was put on antibiotics but the mastitis was so deep in my tissue by that point it had become resistant to the medicines approved for breastfeeding. Finally I had to go on something that was unsafe for breastfeeding. I was in so much pain and- as per the doctor's assessment, very near having to be hospitalized. Unfortunately I weened him:-( It was not a fun time or an easy decision. I completely feel for your discomfort. Plus you are taking care of sick kiddos- You are Super Mama!

    1. I have been down this road with thrush with my other kids too. Marmalade had it for over 3 months! So not fun. Neither is Mastitis but I didn't have it like you had. Wow. YOU are super mom! We caught it really early and the breastfeeding support group here is FABULOUS! I have their number on speed dial and they are always so great to talk to. Weening is sad but you did what you had to do! You are amazing and a survivor for sure.