Monday, August 27, 2012

Surgery Date Is Set

Can you believe that this one will be 7 weeks old this week?  What a blur!  I had my  postpartum appointment last week.  It was also my pre-op consultation to the surgery I must now have to remove the Mirena.  I will be so relieved when that thing is out of my body!  I am hoping that they are able to remove it and there are no complications.  The doc will be doing a laproscopic removal of the i.u.d. with possible hysteroscopy and while they are in there a tubal ligation.   That is a lot of jibberish to say they are going in with a scope and looking for the Mirena and pulling it out,  and if they can't find it that way they will use a scope threw the uterus and at the same time make me sterile.  Whoa!  The tubal is NOT 100% effective for birth control though and that does scare the @#$%# out of me.  It has a 1% failure rate and the Mirena was supposed to be 99.7 % effective.  Soooooo you do the math.  My Pre-op appointment and lab work is at the end of this week and then surgery is September 11th.  Ugh.  I just want it over and done. I am anxious about it since we don't know where the Mirena is exactly in my body.  The doctor is in my opinion, going in blindly and scoping around for it.  Three incisions and 5 days of recovery.  It was a little more involved than when he initially told me about the surgery months ago.  I guess maybe he was saving all the details until now.  That didn't help.  I like to know what is happening to my body.  Cut the bologna and just tell me like it is.  I hate when people dance around, especially people in the medical profession.   Wish some more of those loving good vibes upon me people.  Seems I will need them once more.
Proud Marmalade with Chica.  (Don't ya just love little baby leg warmers?  Perfect for chilly mornings and then just slip them off when it warms up.  I am a big fan of them!) 
We had a great friend of mine visit this weekend.  This is Marmalade's hair post blowing bubbles.  Fun was had and of course that usually means messes where made.  Hello, soapy hair.
More fun!
And back to those chilly mornings......a little hat and a fleece balnkey on this brisk morning.  Fall is quickly approaching and I am not at all ready to let go of the summer. 
Chica is wearing her hand-me-down pinafore from Marmalade.  This was the fisrt ever pinafore that I sewed and was the inspiration for opening my Etsy shop, My Sweet Marmalade.
The best I could do to get all three kiddos in one shot.  Just missed a big smile from Chica but you can tell she was in a happy mood. 
Me and my miracle girl. 
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