Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beach Therapy

Just got back from a little family getaway to Cape Cod.  It was our 1st family of five vacation.  We also had my in-laws down for a few days too.  It is a lot of work traveling with 3 kids that small,  but despite how tired I am now, it was worth it.  

Honeysuckle going up a pine tree in front of our rental house.

Home for the week.

Kids playing "tag sale" on the front lawn.  This totally cracked us up!

We still had our moments of chaos, crying and fits.  But look a the necklace my hubby made for her out of a shell we found.  He made a matching one for Bubba.


The salty air, sand in your toes, crisp water to swim in, endless shells to collect, seagulls to chase away, tantrums before bed were traded for long walks on the beach, sandcastles,  and that sweet coastal breeze..... all of this is a is a cure.  I need more of that in my life.  They say you can shake the sand from your shoes but not the ocean from your soul. I believe this is true. 

I had some wonderful memories from this week.  Let me highlight some of my favorites for you.

With Bubba:


Having sushi together.  He has tried it before and spit it out,  but this time he was sure he would like it and he did!  It was fun eating that together just the two of us.

Bubba says, " I am thinking about going to a restaurant on the ocean for dinner.  I am thinking about it.  Then we can eat there and to right into the ocean after dinner."

He also kept referring to our house as "the house that Daddy built for us."  As opposed to the house that we are borrowing.  He was very confused as to why we were staying all week in someone's home that we didn't know.

"Can we move?  In one of those moving trucks?  I found a better house back there to live.  It was blue."  (his favorite color) He asked this  as we take a ride around the cape.

I also love watching him eat a pound of shrimp cocktail and some lobster.  The kid is super picky and doesn't eat too much these days but here, he found what he likes....seafood!

I also loved watching him so content playing in sand, flying a kite, walking the beach.  It was great.

With Marmamlade:

 "I wanna go in the pool."  This is what she would say every time she wanted to swim in the ocean.

In the morning when I asked if we were ready to go to the ocean she would scream "Woo Hoo!"  and threw her hands in the air.

Some seagulls took one of our balls and bag of chips.  I scared the bird away and he dropped both but after that she would scream at every one of them, " Get way birdie!!  Get way!!"

Flying a kite with Daddy and Bubba.

At the dinner table while we were having a lobster dinner, "Don't eat them Gammy!" (grammy)

She thought it was her birthday all week for some reason (maybe because it felt like a celebration!) and she learned how to put up two fingers and say "I'm two!"

With Chica:

Laying on the couch at the house under the skylight so happy and content, cooing away.  That was her favorite spot all week.

Walking the beach with her to avoid the witching hour that we seem to have lately.  She didn't make a peep.  I bundled her close to me to guard her from the wind and we all walked and walked and walked.  Peace!

Her 1st trip ever to the beach.  Smiling away, laying on the beach blanket under the umbrella. 

With Hubby:

Just being there with him, with our 3 kids. 

Going our to dinner just the two of us.

Walking on beach together.

Him yelling back at me, "How's is going Mama?"  as we walked to the beach with all the gear and kids. 

Our conversation about how we "survived" the week.

I will hold these sweet memories forever.  This week they will come in handy too.  In two days I have surgery to have the damn Mirena removed once and for all.  By the way, the official name of the Mirena is now "that damn Mirena."  Just ask anyone I know.  They all refer to it that way too.  Good riddance to you damn Mirena, good riddance.

Mama Nic

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