Monday, September 24, 2012

What Love Looks like This Week

White cozy hat to cover a precious bean.

Sibling love.

Spooky kid-made decorations.

Warm pjs.



Marmalade's purse that she fills with toys and takes, no, excuse me it is her "pockabook!"

Entertaining himself with his V-Tech Innotab.

Chica's cheeks!

Twigs and feathers by the bundle.

Just her being her....the biggest gift of my Chica.

................That is what love looked like this week.

What did love sound like this week?

Cooing and bubble blowing from Chica,  and I can just tell that she so wants to laugh out loud for the 1st time!

Marmalade saying "Look at the fans!" when she was pointing to the windmills on the mountains that surround our home.

"I wanna throw a rock in the tubby!" is what Marmalade says about the river every time we pass over the bridge by our house on our walk.

"I wub you Mama." -Marmalade to me.

It was, "Thanks for dinner, Babe, "  and a hug from hubby after our dinner where I made ham, beans from the farmer's market and THESE salt and vinegar broiled fingerling potatoes!

What did love smell like this week? 

Fallen leaves.

A pumpkin candle burning in the house.

That new baby head smell that Chica still has.  If you don't have a new baby head to sniff you should seriously try this new product!

What did love feel like this week?

11.5  pounds of  baby snuggled on my chest.

A bear hug from Bubba.

Crisp cold autumn air, which to me this week is a gift because I am still having crazy hot flashes!  (I feel like I am getting a sneak preview of menosause and guess sucks.)

What did love taste like this week?

Hearing all the compliments from everyone in the family who is on solid foods after eating the pumpkin dip I made for us. (Pumpkin fluff dip = 16oz Cool Whip, small instant vanilla pudding package, 1 can pumpkin, 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice....thanks Pinterest for 3 yummy recipes this week!)

Pumpkin pie popsicles!!!   I am obsessed with anything pumpkin. 

Hope that fulfilled all your senses.  Go out there and enjoy the fall!

Mama Nic

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