Saturday, September 15, 2012


So.  I am exhausted.  I had surgery on Tuesday and finally, I can say.........that #%*%#$* Mirena is out of me!!!!!

The day before surgery I was just pissed.   Pissed to have to go through a surgery to get this iud removed.  I just got back from vacation and now I had to deal with this.  I was angry, bitter, scared and really I felt betrayed.  Betrayed by the makers of the iud, betrayed that this happened, betrayed that doctors recommended this "easy and safe" form of birth control to me in the first place, and felt foolish for believing it all.  I have a wonderful daughter, yes.  A miracle in fact.  Thank God that this didn't hurt her!  The point is the Mirena left me physically hurt, emotionally damaged, financially a mess and I am pissed.  Watch out Mirena.  I am coming to gun you down. 

Laprascopic removal of the iud with possible hysteroscopy.  That is the surgery I went in for.  It was not pleasant.  They did find that this torpedo of an iud went through the cervix, into the uterus and finally landed in a ligament on my right side.  I guess I am "lucky" it didn't puncture a vital organ, bowel, abdomen but I sure as hell don't feel lucky.  I was so nauseated from the anesthesia that I could not move, drink or eat for hours  after.  I was told the surgery was no big deal and I would be home within a couple hours.  Not the case.  I was there all day long and we even talked about staying over.  I wanted out and so I was discharged around dinner time.  Not that I ate dinner. 

I am still sore.  I have three incisions to heal and I am sure that ligament has some healing to do as well.  My throat hurts from having a tube down it.  The skin on my belly is all irritated from the solution they used in surgery, my skin every is so dry it hurts.  I have a lot of emotional healing left to do.  This ordeal with the Mirena is far from over.  I want to let the world know the truth about what can happen to your life if you chose this form of birth control.  But for now, I need to get my strength back.

Life goes on as you can see from these pictures taken over the course of this week.  These are the people that keep me going.

And Mom........thank you!!!!  I love you.

Mama Nic

Hat's on to go to the local farmer's market.  The little one there got a free pumpkin and 2 tomatoes for being so darn cute. 

Discovering Pluto.

A tiny Red Sox fan.

This one.....we are planning his 4th Birthday already!!



mmmm carrots. 

1st day at the gym.  the smile says it all!

Nap time with Maguiness and Marmalade.

My life.  My family.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that the surgery was successful and that you are on the road to healing. It is so good and brave that you have been sharing your story. Hopefully you will help other women who are considering Mirena to make an informed decision. As I've told you before, I had the Mirena for a year. I was told that it was safe and that the side effects were minimal due to the low dose of hormones in it. It was awful- I was in pain, I had increased and prolonged migraine attacks and I gained 30 pounds. As soon as it was removed, all of that went away. Wishing you continued health and peace. xoxo