Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Look at MY Sweet Marmalade

Did you all know that my oldest girl was the inspiration for my sewing business called  My Sweet Marmalade?

Yup.  There she is right there.  My Sweet Marmalade herself!

My passion for sewing teeny tiny dresses, ignited when she was about six months old. 

There she is in the first ever pinafore that I designed and sewed.  Aaaaaaaaaaw!
 That little girl sparked something within my soul and I reconnected with my fashion design and retail roots.

Yes, being a busy Mom limits my time spent on just about anything, but if something is important to you, you find a way to weave in onto your life.

Because of her, a business, a passion, a label was born!
Marmalade is turning three next month!  Oh how time flies.

With the pinafores I design I try to make them as functional, high quality, economical, eco-friendly as I can.   Of course, being high on the sweetness scale is also top priority.  All My Sweet Marmalade pinafores have these goals in mind as I design each one.  As I design, sew, wrap, label, and mail them goes into each and every step. 

Let me walk you through what this really means.


  • Easy on and off. The pinafore fits a modern Mom’s and Babies lifestyle. No fussy buttons to deal with. Just slip it right over her head and get going. 
  • She burps or spills milk……flip it over!
  • Two looks, one dress! 
High Quality!

  • The label is handmade 
  • Choice of thread
  • Designer fabrics
  • You get two looks in one!
  •  Criss-cross design in back makes this garment very accommodating to an ever growing child. Therefore, it can be worn season after season.  This pinafore will start out about mid-thigh (depending on the height of the child) and end up as a tunic or shirt. 
This was a blanket in it's past life. 
  • Label is 100% organic cotton
  • I try and use up-cycled material where appropriate  
 Take a look at this custom pinafore I designed for Marmalade's first birthday.


 Two years later!

Mind blown?

I know that Mar is a peanut, but I do believe that most girls can use these pinafores season after season, or maybe year after year!

The pinafore is a timeless staple in any girls closet.  In the warmer months it can be worn alone with a pair of bloomers, shorts or even over a bathing suit.  Just layer it over short or long sleeve onesies or shirts for when it’s cooler.  Leggings, pants, and leg warmers also look adorable when paired with your pinafore.

If you have a little girl that could use some threads from My Sweet Marmalade, head on over to Etsy! (sizes run from newborn up to a 5T!)

Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic


  1. Your pinafores kinda make me wish I had a girl! :)

    1. Well that is sweet to say. Thanks, Nicole! Ya know, I have always thought of doing a spin-off on the label for boys and calling it "Marmalade's Brother"...or something like that.