Saturday, June 1, 2013

Being Idle and I don't Mix.

This is from Thursday..................

I am sitting in my van at a dead stop since 8:42.  It is now 9:02.
Stock image of 'Cars in a traffic jam on a country road'

So much for being in the office at 9.
Good morning Tracy (Taken with Instagram at Blue Q)

I have been patient with this so far, drinking coffee, listening to tunes.  I call into work and let them know I will be there as soon as this traffic clears.

Now I start to get antsy.  The reason is that I have a very difficult time being idle. 

Not just in my car, but in life.  My heart starts to pump faster, teeth start clenching.  I feel like an annoyed bull in a pen.  Let me free!

Ok.  Ok.  "Roll  with it."


Deep breathes.

Some more deep breathes.

I have a pen.  I have a notebook!
little notebook :  BIG ideas little book

little notebook : BIG ideas little book

Just write.

I don't recomend writing and driving,  but I am NOT moving at all.

Not sure why I have such a problem being stuck here.  It is quiet expet for the music I am choosing to play.  It is warm, so windows are down.  You know me, I am a fresh-air addict.

I start thinking about the whole creative process and what I physically and emotionally feel when creating something,  and when I want to but cannot.  

Being creative is a  must for me.

If I am not able to express myself somehow creativly, things start to turn ugly.

Creating is an energy and if it is not manifested into something positive, the energy just gets stuck.  It ends up coming up anyway but in ways that are negative.  Yelling at the kids, being short with Hubby, being moody. 

This is so true.  As I sit her I realize this.

I heard Brene Brown on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday speak about this.  She said that

Unused creativity is not benign.  It metastasizes and turns into grief, rage, and shame.  We are Divine beings and we are by nature creative! 

I think that is brilliant and perfectly said.  
This is on the "to read"list for me.


Traffic is moving.  

Again, so am I. 

Love, Peace and Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic

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