Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reinventing Our Schedule…..and the Playroom too!

Reinventing Our Schedule…..and the Playroom too!

As I explained in the last post, I am starting to “home school preschool” on Monday for the kids. I wanted a space that we could call our “classroom” and use as a playroom. 
This is NOT my home, but I wish it were! I love this look.
This year the term reinventing keeps popping up. It is about taking what you have, and making it better. It is redefining a space, your dreams, and your personal goals. It can be small or large scale, but the point is just to improve your world one thought and one task at a time.
My solution is to use our spare room, otherwise known as our computer room, or catch-all room, or “where we through our stuff when we don’t know where to through it” room.
This spare room of ours is on the agenda to get a complete overhaul. For now I will work with what is here. I have started the job of giving it a good cleaning, planning to redecorate it, and repurposing it to be our very own school and playroom.
I love organizing rooms and finding better solutions to making them function. I also love to bring an element of design to a space and make them pretty, inviting, and most importantly our own.
Here is a quick tip to organizing. Velcro! Check this out. I put the tape on the wall (because I can never find it!). I put the markers on the easel, and on the wall by our board.

I also love command hooks that don’t ruin your wall. I used those for hanging our lesson board and for what will be hanging the month, day, and year. The kids can change out things on the board every school day. If you`re interested in these hooks as well, I found some great coupons from
I picked a spot on the wall for our new “Learning Board.”    High enough so Chica can’t grab at it, but low enough for the older two to manage working at it. 
 Here is the very beginning stage of our board.

 I used this as inspiration for our learning board. Why invent the wheel, when it’s been done already? Just add your special touches, and what is best for your kids at the stage they are in.

This is just one of the many boards I found online. She has all the links to the print-outs right there!
Follow my Preschool at Home Board on Pinterest for my latest ideas.

For artwork, I would love to have something like these prints from Studio Mela, found on Etsy. 

illustration print, drawing, quote art, inspirational poster, school,  kids art, nursery art print, teacher, math - LITTLE MATHEMATICIANS

I will also use the kids artwork on the walls to make them, and Mama, proud of what they have already done.

Next was arranging the furniture in a way that made more sense for our new playroom/preschool. I moved around some furniture. Took the drum set that was taking up too much space out to the mudroom, and moved in a rug that I had in storage.  I put a pretty quilt over the couch to make it inviting to all snuggle and read. 
But now I’m missing something. Some comfy seats of their own for my little students! You can never have enough places to lounge. I thought about Bubba’s school and quickly came to the conclusion that we need bean bags for our room.  He has them at his school and the kids love them. I also like this idea because it brings some nostalgic memories back to me of my tan corduroy one that I had growing up.  It is funny how things like that stick with you.
I want our time here to stick with them.
When I went online, I found all sorts of cool options!
 How about this?
( I found this one on

I can just see the three of them now!
Hmmm. Perhaps these? I love the bright colors and funny disguise faces!

Or this?

(I found this one on

Or a giant one for all three to share!
(This one if from Jaxx Bean Bags)
I have a lot more work to do but this is a start! This is going to be a great summer adventure for all of us!  I am a little bit nervous about how it will go, how much work it will be for me to keep things going, and interesting for them.  Here is my advice to myself when it comes to that negative chatter…..

Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic

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