Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fortysix Minutes

"46 Minutes"
We are on vacation,

yet no one told her little teeth to take a break.
Her glossy pink gums being tortured by shiny pearls,

of course made this strawberry haired sweetie,  a crab.

"We are going on a walk!" I declared.
I scoop her up and head out the door.
Walk.  Breathe in.  Slow down.
Easy, breezes flow to a place we long to go.

Sun rays filter through pines,

bathing my unshowered skin.

Salt and sand in my hair.

Don't care.

Crickets, rustling leaves,


Flip flop flip flop.

Roll, roll, roll.

Tires on pavement spitting sand and pebbles as we stroll.

Polka dotted blanket, 

worn thin from the love of three babes,  placed gently in her chariot,

protecting my little pearl,

comforting this cherub as she is lulled off to slumber,

dreaming of sand-castles,

chasing seagulls,

and my cares away.

My blood runs slower.

The weight is lighter.

All is well in the world,

if only for  a moment.

The house reappears as we round the corner.

I hold this memory in the palm of my hand

like a seashell that is a glorious treasure.

All mine.

Every bit of it.


Inspired by a morning with Chica in Cape Cod.  September, 2013 

Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic

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