Friday, September 13, 2013

Don't Mess with Mama Bear!

The love I feel for my kids is something fierce.  With three kids, this fierceness has grown exponentially. 

My tattoo was originally inspired by Susan Seddon Boulet's work of art called "Bear Women with Dream Child." 

I loved the idea of a bear holding a human child and knew I had to adapt this image into something that was unique for me.  The "don't mess with me, Mama Bear" lovingly carrying  this human baby spoke to my heart.  I love the illumination of that picture, but I knew this was only the seed of an idea that would slowly over a year of thought, grow into a personal tattoo.

There is a Greek goddess Artemis who is a huntress.  Her name means bear.  I wanted this reminder of power with me throughout my journey in life.  I love the messages from the Wizard of Oz, (which is one of my fav all time movies!) which conveys that you have always had the power!

I realize that some of these pictures are not the greatest, but they were taken by Marmalade!  She loves to be my assistant.   One day I will have some professional pictures taken to give justice to this art.

Imagery of a bear has many important meanings for me.  For one, the image of a bear helps to awaken our potential.  The image of a bear is a reminder not to let your creative energies lie dormant. 

This Mama Bear is searching for what feeds her soul and when found......will chow down!

 Bears also symbolize family unity, safety and protection of children.  The mythological feminine symbol also represents the circle of life, death, and rebirth.  She also  reminds us to go within when it is time.  The Mama Bear guides and protects us on our journey.  Some tribes, I have read  believe that this symbol has the special power of healing.

Throughout my entire life I have always had reoccurring nightmares about bears.  You may find this odd that I would finally chose to have a bear on my skin, but I believe in concurring your fears, embracing the experience,  and using it as a lesson for self improvement.  Bears have for some reason been sent to me as a message in my dreams.  After all these years..........I finally understand why.

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The moon in my tattoo represents my beloved husband.   Just as the moon is always there, he is always there for our family and he shines for us,  and guides us when we need him the darkest of times.    See the heart in the moon?  Yup.  That is him.
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I hope the power of the bear is with you all today and everyday.   Don't forget YOU have always had the power.

Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet, 
Mama Nic (aka Mama Bear)

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