Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome to the Shore!

Being at the seashore last week sparked a few poetic feelings.  What a glorious week we had in Cape Cod.  Here is one of the poems that I would like to share.

" Welcome to the Shore"

 Welcome to the shore!
Nautical flags fly high, 
welcoming us back like old friends.

The windows go down to let the salty air spill in

intoxicating us with it's magical spell.

For week it is ours, our town by the sea.

Ice cream, lobsters, and gluttony.

Sun kissed skin,

Lapping waves,

and walks by the dunes.

Little hands holding nets,

and our hearts

stronger than the moon's

union to the tide.

Life by the sea.

This is where our family is meant to be.


Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet
Mama Nic

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