Friday, February 10, 2012

Deep Breaths Today

It's Friday!  Phew.  This was a looooooong week, my friends!   Was it for you too?  Many challenges and worries and scheduling difficulties to overcome.  Still working out most of those to tell you the truth,  but I am so happy that it is Friday I can't even tell you!  I am happy to be able to spend some family time and celebrate my Dad's 60th Birthday too. 

I have had news in the last two days of  the birth of my friend's  baby girl and of a miscarriage from someone in a similar situation as myself on the Mirena.  I didn't sleep well last night and I am feeling super emotional today.  I am glad it is Friday.  I know I said that already but I just need some time at home to refuel, refocus on positive things and de-stress.

Here is a video that I saw a few weeks ago on a favorite blog of mine, Enjoying the Small Things.  It's beautiful motivational video and song that keeps me going....especially today.  I hop you enjoy. 

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