Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thoughts on Organizing Kids Crafts

The post I did earlier  today about my heart bouquet that my son made me,  got my wheels turning again about a project.  I thought of this idea when he was much younger and now that he is at the age that he comes home from daycare with tons of crafts and works of art, I think I need to get going on this idea. 

By the way,  I love that he is making all these things now.  I love to see his creativity and ideas come to life.  I can’t wait for my daughter to get to that stage too but I am in no hurry to have her grow up fast.  I am sucking up last of her baby stage before she hits the terrible twos and thinks that she is little Miss Independence (although I am seeing this character trait more and more of her come through. She must feed herself, she must get her own shoes or boots to wear for the day, she wears a headband of mine as a belt almost on a daily basis…………but I digress.)   

My thought is that I will keep the really special pieces, like for instance the heart bouquet in a chest,  but for all the other dozens of drawings and other crafts he does (all special to me….don’t get me wrong or I wouldn’t be thinking about this at all, right?) I will take photos of them  and make a photo book on Shutterfly.  This way I can keep his whole collection on one place and how fun would that be for us to look at when he is older?  Maybe I will catalog it by year?    Just brainstorming here as I write.  Hmmmm  I like this idea!  Now I just have to get going on it. 

**and just a word on Shutterfly.  I love this site.  It is super easy to use and the quality is always great.  I have used this site to make tons of things, from photo books, mugs, blankets, calendars, and videos.   I am a Shutterflin’ Fool!   I have only had one issue on one page of a calendar I made and they sent me a new one out right away.  I also get terrific deals and promo codes emailed to me all the time.  May times I get things for next to nothing and rarely end up paying shipping.  I find if you can stay on top of your projects and them buy them when you get a promo that applies you save tons of money!  And no, Shutterfly is not a sponsor of mine nor did they pay me to say anything nice about them.  I am just sharing the love and some tips.  Hope you enjoy!

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