Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Picture of a Healthy Baby

Yesterday was a much anticipated day.  It was my 18 week level 2 ultrasound.  I was out sick from work most of the week suffering from a horrible cold and sinus and ear pain.  Feeling anxious and still sick, my husband and mother and I made the hour and a half drive to the hospital.

We waited an hour in the waiting room.  Every minute an eternity.  Finally my name was called.  The tech and I were talking about the reason I was here, which to remind you all is because I got pregnant on the Mirena (iud) and it was still in my body.  The doc did try removing it at 7 weeks but it would not budge.  So here I am to check on the baby's development and locate the Mirena and consult with a docter that was more experienced in these "high risk" situations.

Right away the tech says, "Oh Honey, you have to get that out!" That didn't exactly put my mind at ease.  "No ℅#*°£ and how do you suppose we do that now?" Is what I wanted to say.  Instead, I calmly told her that we had tried twice and couldn't.  The docs at my hospital advised me to let it be because the risk of removing it surgically had a greater risk of miscarriage than leaving it alone.  They also admitted to have never dealing with a case like mine and that is why I pushed to see other doctors at a hospital that had more experience. 

Finally, the ultraspund starts.  A happy, moving baby.  Strong normal heart-rate.  10 fingers, 10 toes, nice spine, healthy heart, and the check list of measurements is going great!  We also find out the sex.  (To be revealed in another post) Relief at last!

Then locating the Mirena was not easy and took some time.  She couldn't find it so she called the docter in.  Finally, it was located.  Seems to have moved a bit from where it was before but was still embedded in the muscle of my uterus.

Before the next step, he goes over the ultrasound and they only found one tiny abnormality which will most likely correct itself.  It was a marker for down syndrome, but with everything else on the scan looking great he was 99% sure that it was fine.  With my last pregnancy the nuchal fold results came back borderline possibility that she could have Down Syndrome.  At the time that totally I thought my world would crash.  It didn't take long after the results for me to research and come to peace with having a child with Down Syndrome.  She was born with the normal amount of chromosones but if she hadn't it was going to be OK. I declined the nuchal fold exam altogether this time and the news if the 1% chance that this was something to worry about, did not phase me in the least.  No matter what, I would love and care for my child.

Doc suggests removing the Mirena now which totally freaks me out.  I was afraid of getting this far and seeing a healthy baby and now losing it.  We talked about how I thought the doc trimmed the strings to decrease risk of infection and it that was the case, we wouldn't be able to remove it.  The tech and doc left us alone to discuss the option of him trying to remove it today.  I was so scared and upset.I was there for a more experienced opinion and now I have it.  He suggests removing it now if he can.

I decided to go forward with the removal process even though I was scared out of my mind at what may happen and what pain I was about to have.  Things were tense but I know he was experienced at this and knew the limits.  It wasn't a get it out no matter what situation.  He would try if the strings were there and if he could pull it out he would.

The nurse came in and set up the room for the procedure.  Then we waited, and waited, and waited. A good half an hour went by before the doc came back with the nurse.  He explained what would happen and the nurse held my hand.  After a pain full exam, he realized that it was not going to happen.  Just as I had thought there were no strings.

So, we did all we could do.  I talked to him about risks, delivery, removal down the road.  I wish I had pushed to see someone here earlier and maybe I wouldn't still have the Mirena in.  What is in the past is done and cannot be changed.  I think I handled the situation the best I could with the information I had at the time.  I now have a healthy baby and we just have to keep on truckin'.  All and all a successful day but I am glad it is over.

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  1. Oh what a day, honey. You did are growing a happy, healthy baby...hooray. Sending a big hug and lots of good positive thoughts your way. See you Monday! Xo

    1. Mentally and physicaly a long day but I do have a healthy and active (even though I don't feel much) 8 oz. Baby in there. :-)