Tuesday, June 12, 2012

5 Years

Twenty-four hour getaway with the man I love.   Nothing can be better than that.  We celebrated 5 years of marriage this past weekend and it was wonderful.  I have been feeling pretty OK for the most part this week and we decided to go for it.  To get away from it all for a short overnight trip.  The band that played at our wedding, Rick Redington and the Luv had a gig scheduled in upstate NY.  This was less that a 2 hour trip for us so we planned our overnight stay around seeing them play.  We love this band, we fell in love to their music in fact.  It was back in 2003 we heard them play at a place we were vacationing called The Mountain Top Inn and Resort.  Rick was playing there that warm summer evening.  We sipped wine and music flowed through the air like good vibes.  It really was a magical memory.  We bought some of his cd's and have traveled here and there to see him every now and again.  We even traveled to the border of Canada to hear them play at the August West Fest (a celebration of Jerry Garcia and the music of The Grateful Dead) with a 20 month old and a one month old.........to camp in our trailer!  I can't believe we were so brave but the trip went better than anyone could expect and we all had a blast. 
So anyway,  as we planned out wedding day it was only natural to want them to be a part and luckily for us they agreed. 
This photo was taken at the Algonquin Restaurant where we enjoyed a great dinner right on the lake. 

The trip was peaceful and I will cherish this time we had alone always.  I had 24 hours of not worrying about anything, no stress, no feelings of annoyance or anything negative at all.  It was so enjoyable and full of love and fun it made my heart smile the whole time. 

I did however bring my Birth Plan in my bag.........just in case.  We took it easy.  The drive wasn't too long up there and we walked around the town of Bolton Landing which was a quaint village on the lake.  Lots of groovy stores, antiques, a craft fair going on and even a live band playing in the park.  It was also Americade that weekend so there where bikers galore but that made the trip all the more interesting.  We had a nice lunch at Lakeside Lodge and Grille, walked the town a bit, had some Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream and made our way back to our hotel where we took a nice rest for a bit before heading out for the evenings events.  We had dinner and headed out to the Market Place Steak House to hear Rick and Heather play.  

We were welcomed by the band like old friends.  We caught up a bit with them and then settled into a lovely evening of music.  They were even so sweet as to dedicate a song to us and let the crowd in on our story as a couple and wished us well on our growing family.  It was truly a special evening.  As we left the show the whole place said goodbye to us.....our 15 minutes of fame I guess. 

We stayed the one night and headed out the next morning.  Back to our home, back to our kids.....to start with a fresh outlook and  a renewed sense of love and optimism for the future of this family.  It's all about the love, and that my friends I am not lacking in feeling.

Mama Nic 


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad that you got a chance to have some relaxation time. You deserve it!