Monday, June 4, 2012

Free Flowing

Here is my week in pictures.  As you can see I did a little of this and a little of that.  This is "The Bassinet."  It is from a co-worker and all of us Mama's at work have used this for our new babies.  I have used it for my 2 already and in fact, it has plans to move onto a baby after I am done with this again.  This time I fancied it it up with some ribbons and a butterfly.  My son, who I will now refer to in this blog as Bubba, helped me out.  He felt so special getting this ready for "Sissy" as he calls her.  He picked out sheets, a blanket, added a special Hippo Lovie and the music maker.  He was proud and so was I.  It was fun getting ready for baby with him.   

This is my daughter who I will now refer to as Marmalade on this blog.  She is modelling a pinafore that I made for her for this past Christmas.  It has a Christmas print on one side and the other is a light flannel with a pocket (which she totally stuffs her hands in all the time and walks cute)  I wanted to show you all this to show how versatile these pinafores can really be.  It obviously still fits her from 6 months ago and it will for months and months to come.  On a warmer day she can wear this with shorts or bloomers. 

Here is the pinafore I made for my niece's 2nd Birthday that was this week.  It has her initial one one-side and a pocket on the other.  I gave this to her with a pair of red shorts and can't wait to see her in it. 

You may notice if you look in my shop that many items are no longer there.  Well, I have moved all ready to wear summer pinafores and lavender sachets and an eye pillow down to a local shop for sale.  I am working on wrapping things up on Etsy for a while and taking maternity leave.  If you need anything please let me know soon.  I will reopen as soon as I feel I can. 

You can get yours by clicking Here for a sized NB - 12 months or here for a size 18 months - 5T.


We also supported the Relay for Life this week.  Here is Marmalade walking the track.

Here she is selling drinks with the help of her cousins and Mima.
Here is the Birthday girl!

No she is not wearing a helmet because of the Sit and Spin.....she was riding bikes and got distracted.


It's a party!


Cake time.  Yummy!

Totally random, but here is a poppy from the yard.  I love these!

Phew.  I am tired too.  That wraps up our week!  

 Hello week 34!!!  I have an appointment with the hematologist tomorrow to check my platelet level again.  I also have physical therapy this week too.   The thing I am really looking forward to this week is celebrating 5 years of marriage with my Hubby at the end of the week!!!  Have a great day everyone.
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