Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Handmade Gifts For The Girl!

I loooooove handmade gifts!  To my delight we have our 1st one here for baby girl than I am tickled pink about.  I feel like a crazy person talking about crocheted sweaters today since the temp outside is a blistering 90 degrees and I am sweating just typing this.  But I had to play show an tell with this today.

Our dear family friend, Joanne made this little number for us as she has done for the other 2 kiddos.  She even made the white blanket that is shown here too.

these booties kill me

so soft and pretty

what a precious set! 

Here is the crocheted wonderland that she has created for us!  We sooooo appreciate all the time and love she put into each and every one of these pieces!  True talent here too!!!  I feel lucky to have her think of us not once,  but 3 times!  Actually she made 6 sweaters and one blanket in total.....all gorgeous and we get lots a wear out of them. 

Take  a look.

We Heart you Joanne!!!  Thank you SO SO much.

I also bought a little crocheted something, something on Etsy that I could not resist but I can't show you yet.  That reveal is for later when I have a real model!

I would just like to threw out a few random thoughts and feelings I have at the moment. 

I am sooooooooo hungry lately it is absolutely ridiculous.

The baby has really dropped really low.....really low.

If anything falls on the floor in my house don't expect me to pick it up until the end of July or so.  Just sayin! 

If you live in my house PLEASE pick things up that are on the ground and don't belong there.  No matter your age here........I am talking to you....and you....and you too!  Help a Mama out. 

Doc appointment this week showed baby has adequate fluid around her.  Hooray!

I  have started to dilate and cervix has softened!  Progress is being made.

Baby sounded good, I checked out good except for those damn platelets being too low.

Doc is seeing me at the beginning of next week again.  We will go appointment to appointment with no set plan right now on how/when to treat low platelet situation, induction, etc.  I hate that.

From a Mama who loves the heat, did I mention that I am sweating just typing this?  Yeah.  I think I did.  Well I still am.

This heat is making me delirous.  Time to drink some water and find a fan.

Mama Nic at 36 weeks and 2 days, who is getting bigger and bigger by the minute


  1. ahhh,good work u seems to b a Professional ....Done a great great Job..keep it up(infant casual wear)

  2. This was all the talent of our friend, Joanne. I can sew but haven't tried making any sweaters. I am lucky to have generous and talented people who love to spoil my kids. :-)