Monday, July 15, 2013

A Body of Water Does a Body and Mind Good!

I heart water.  It could be a lake, pond, river, pool, ocean.....I just love it.  There is something mystical about and the energy that surrounds it.   I truly believe there is good vibrations coming from water,  at least for me personally and the energy is positive.  It is also healing, contagious, wondrous,soothing and beautiful.

The proof is there in the water, around the water and in my heart.    It is there in the way it makes me feel.  Maybe that is why I like islands so much.  I don't feel trapped on them, I feel alive.  The energy bouncing off the water that is vital and energizing.   And plus, I think I am part mermaid.....and have had mermaid babies and a boy with fins instead of feet.

Take a look at the water I have visited just this year.  Soak it in.  Each memory.  Precious.  Magical. 

Poolside with Chica.

Lake today!

More lake today.
Punta Gorda, FL at Harbor Heights Park.

Deep Creek, Punta Gorda, FL.

Ponce De Len Park.  Punta Gorda, FL.

Port Charlotte Harbor. 

Ponce De Leon Park.

Sunset view of the harobr in Punta Gorda, FL.

 More of Ponce De Leon Park.

Venice Beach.  Venice, FL.

Venice.  View from rooftop at Sharky's on the Pier.

Laishley Park, Punta Gorda, FL.

Anna Maria Island, FL

And back to the

Park around the corner from our house.

Wow, I am thankful for the things I have done this year!!!

There is NOTHING like the pull of the ocean.  It pulls me in and keeps me coming back. stay!!!

Today I wanted to be near water.  I picked up my Gram who is still up visited us from Florida, collected the kids, and hit the lake.  What a gorgeous day.

See proof below.

My little watermelon.

Standing up!

The "big" kids!  They just happen to be part mermaid and fish.

That smile is sunshine itself!

Great Gram and her granddaughter.

He is up!  (and then back down.)  Wow that kid can swim underwater like it is his job!  So proud of him.

The fish Bubba was trying all day to catch, barehanded.  No success but trying was the fun part.

Love these two souls.

Water.  Reason #368 that I am moving to become a member of a harbor-side community,  in the Sunshine State!

Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic

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