Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

Hey, everyone!  I have LOTS of events to catch you up on from last week. 

My Gram is here from Florida! Here she is with my Dad, the girls, and my nieces. 

Let's start with the 4th of July!  I hope you all had a happy and safe one.  This one for me was mixed with happiness, loneliness, reflection, gratitude, being overwhelmed by anxiety at moments throughout the day, and moments of just sheer joy.  Such is life!

Chica with her new haircut.  She thinks she is hot stuff for sitting in that chair.  And she is, of course!!

Hanging with Great Gram and Brumpa.

Cool dudes.

I think we need a bigger pool.

Gottcha, Cousin!

Down she goes.

Bubba, giving the slide a whirl.

This year we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a party.  The setting was  gorgeous on this HOT sunny day with the open spaces, a pond for catching frogs, a chicken coop to keep the kids entertained, kiddie pools to keep the little's cool, a giant tent to shade, and their famous waterside which provided fun for all. 

It was a great day for catching up with family and friends.   The food was unbelievable and no one went home hungry, that is for sure. 

Hubby had to work that night and only got to stay for an hour.  That night the "big" kids stayed at their Gramma and Poppy's house and got to check out the firework show in town.  They are too little I guess for that still as the explosive sky did not hold their attention for long and asked to go home.  It was a quiet night for me.  I was home with Chica who went to be at 7:30, which left me to hang out with my bulldog, Finn.  Our cat, Lake was hiding somewhere in the house.  Ever since our boxer passed this year he is especially nervous anxious when he hears loud noises.  The sound of fireworks in the distance put him in such a tizzy he had to sleep with me.  The poor boy just paced about and trembled in fear all night.  Usually I would love to get a break and have a quiet night at home, but that night I was admittedly a little lonely and was glad at least I had my dog.  A ball of nerves or not, he was still there with me. 


The 4th of July was my Gramma Mimi's Birthday and I miss her dearly.  I miss her wit and sarcasm and her loving nature.  She was always just so much fun!  It saddens me that she was taken to early and that she never got to meet her great grandchildren.  I know she is with me still in a different way,  and when I hear the fireworks go off, I always think of  her. 

Great Gram's bracelet always provides entertainment for Chica or Marley.  They just love playing with that piece of jewelry.  

Being around family on this day also reminded me how hard it will be to move away from family and friends.  I know it is the best decision for us, but it doesn't mean it is going to be easy.   I think of the future fourth of July events and wonder where and what we will be doing.  I am sure we will find our little group of friends to share them with.  The unknown is always a little scary but all change is.  I just hold tight that vision of our place in the sun and have faith that happy days will surely come.

I hope you are enjoying your summer days and nights.

Love, Peace, and  Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic

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