Sunday, August 4, 2013

Man-made beach? Sure! Why not?

What do you do when you live hours and hours away from an ocean beach? You haul in 250,000 pounds of sand make your own!

We live right next door to a city that did just that..... Again!  
This hasn't been the first year of this event and boy are they pros by now.  They shut down the street, dumped 250 thousand pounds of sand from curb to curb the entire length of the street, and welcome all.

There's live music and DJ's. The kids get free pails and shovels, make sand castles,  and just play in the sand. Free ice cream was given out, margaritas for sale, sand sculptures, even wading pools could be found.

My cutie patootie Marmalade, even made the local paper two years running. We all have lots of fun at this urban art Beach.

Everyone in town comes out for this one.  I think it's considered an institution in this town since this is the 15th year it has been running.
I agree with Jimmy Buffett when he says "changes in latitude, changes in attitude."  And when you can't change your latitude.......fake it! 
Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic

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