Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Everyday Blessings

Every day is a new chance for a magical moment, a smile, laughter, love, silliness, and adventure. 

These are the moments that heal whatever ails me, makes it all worth it, and fill up my cup.

Here are 21 random memories from the past couple of weeks that I am grateful to have had.

Be mindful of your everyday blessings.  

Joy and smiles are contagious, so infect as many people as you can today. This is my challenge for you all.

Breathe in the gratitude. Let go of the negative.  Find joy and peace.  

When you have too many thoughts in your head, too much to do.....keep it simple.  Breathe.  Let it go.  Look around at all the beauty and blessing you have right in front of you. 

Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic

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