Monday, April 30, 2012

I've Got Troubles, Ah but....Not Today

"Cause they gonna wash away.....oh, they gonna wash away."

Monday morning.  Not a typical Monday for me by any means.  The reality that I am not working anymore is sinking in this morning.  I took my son to his preschool and my daughter to her Grandparent's house this morning as usual,  but then after that instead of that horrible commute that would sure to kill my back....I got to drive right back to my house.

It was a beautiful day.  Sunny.  I love the sun.  It is such a healer for me in the world.

I may have lots of things that are out of my control in my life right now,  but one thing I can control are my thoughts.  I decided to get back to the house and do my physical therapy stretches and then venture out for some fresh air and sun for a short walk up the road and back.  I am not talking a 3 mile loop, but a little slow stroll for a few minutes to loosen up my muscles.  It felt great, really.

I have no room in my life for heart for negative feelings or fear.  I decided to concentrate on being thankful for where I am today mentally, physically and geographically.  You know I am always saying that my heart belongs living somewhere a bit tropical, but today is so beautiful I wanted to really look around at the beauty and be happy right where I am.  Right now.  Today.

And so I walk.

Cherry tree transitioning from pink blooms to green leaves.  This was a wedding gift we got almost 5 years ago.  Oh how it has grow...and so have we.  I love this tree.

 .......and I walk.
"I got troubles, oh but....not today.  Cause I'm gonna wash away, this old river gonna wash me away."

Time to stop the worries and let go....relax.

Good morning Berkshire County.  Lots of robins and cardinals out this morning.

You gotta love an old red barn..... open field.
A flowing river.
I am pretty lucky....all this within steps from our house.
A daffodil growing up from a fallen tree.
Beautiful birch trees in the neighbors yard. 
and back to the house I am.  Hydrate, blog, and rest.

Today's agenda includes resting, reading and physical therapy this afternoon.

"I got troubles, oh but.......not today.  Cause they gonna wash away.  They gonna wash away."

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 Have a great week, everyone!  P.S. I am 29 weeks today!  Wahooooo!

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  1. Love this post! You sound so good, mama! Keep on taking care of you and that little bean.