Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hospital Bag........Packed!

Here it is!  The Kiss Overnighter by Blue Q.  Perfect for my hospital bag. 

Nice Day and I Heart My Stuff zipper pouches from Blue Q.  For all my toiletries and stuff I heart.
Hummingbird zipper pouch from Blue Q, leopard slippers and the best nursing gown in my opinion,  from Aimee Nursing Gowns.  This one is the original style.

 I hope to look back and realize that I didn't need to pack so early BUT better safe that sorry, I always say.  Even through all these challenges,  I have a feeling that little girl will hang right on until she is expected which would be a wonderful thing.  Keep her safe and sound within me until she is strong and ready to greet this world with the huge smile I know she will have.  I picture her sweet face already and it just glows.  She will make the world better, I just know it.

I have packed up most of my essentials for the hospital but there are still some things I need to round up.  Boppy pillow for nursing, baby girl's coming home outfit, and few more things but all in all I am in good shape in the packing departement.  This bag will reamin under my nightstand until it is needed.....whenever that may be.  July, let's hope!

Oh....what is that you say?  What about those great bags?  Alright, if you haven't heard of them by now they are all from Blue Q.  Click here to check out the site  Let's start with the Overnighters.  I chose to use Kiss,  but there are oodles of others to pick from.  I love all Blue Q bags because they are made of 95% post-consumer material and Blue Q donates 1% of bag sale to the Nature Conservancy!  Pretty sweet, huh?  Good Karma all around on these bags not to mention that the designs are great.   And for the bags that go in the bag.....those are called zipper pouches.  You can find them here.  They also offer other sized bags that are all just as nice looking and useful.  So if you didn't know them before.....Reader meet Blue Q.  Blue Q meet Reader.  It will be a life long friendship I am sure.

And for the nursing gowns, you can find them here.   This Original Style is tried and true for me.  I bought this one right before my daughter was born and it was super comfy and easy to nurse with.  I loved it!   

29 weeks and 3 days!

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