Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Good Report!

Here she is.  33 weeks and 2 days.  She is doing great.
Profile shot.  A little hard to see but trust me.....she was cute!

My baby's home sweet home.    

Before the cut.

After!  Short, sassy, low maintenance and ready for summer.


So I had my 33 week ultrasound this week and it went great! Great....did you hear that?  GREAT!! Unfortunately,  the Mirena could not be found on the scan (either things in the uterus are too crowded to get a good look,  or it has perforated into the abdomen or somewhere else.  If it doesn't come out with delivery they can then do an x-ray at that point and find that sucker and plan to surgically remove it 8 weeks after birth.) but otherwise everything checked out.  My cervical length was still good, the baby's growth looked good, and there were no more choroid plexus cysts to be seen on the brain.  The baby weighs 4 pounds and 4 ounces this week give or take 10 ounces.  She really looked great!  I saw her chubby cheeks, cute family nose that all my kids have, a little pouty mouth and some hair.  I was in love.  The only thing slightly off was the amniotic fluid was a tad under normal range but doc isn't concerned so I won't be either.  In fact when I saw her today everything at the appointment went great too and she doesn't want to see me back for another 2 and a half weeks when I will be 36 weeks along and down to the last month.   I am still having bad cramping but that is thought to be from the Mirena....wherever it is.    She suggested that I try drinking 3-4 glasses of water before bed since the cramping usually wakes me at night.  She says that should really calm down the uterus but I would imagine that I will be up to use the bathroom even more than I am now.....which is a lot!

So that is the scoop.  I will stop right there while things are positive and just keep it going.

Mama Nic

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