Monday, November 12, 2012

Who Needs a Pair of FREE Specs?

You know you could use another pair of glasses.  Glasses are like shoes, right?  You can never have enough pairs. 
And free glasses, YES, please!  Free, you say?  Yup.  Free.  That is what I said. contacted me and asked if I would like to try a free pair of glasses to review and pass the word that you too can get one free pair of glasses from their site.   I said "of course!" and went to their site to check it out.  I found these little beauties and a few clicks later they were on their way to me.  Welcome home, glasses.  And it was easy.  I like easy these days. 

Here I am.  What do you think?

The glasses are stylish, comfortable, fit great and I just love them.  I wanted to try something fun,  so red it was. This site has loads of affordable glasses.  The only bummer is for you all it that this style is being phased out by the manufacturer and are no longer available.  BUT, there are tons of other choices that will be right for you.  All you pay is the shipping costs, which was pretty low for shipping these days.  I paid $6.95 total for mine.  I can definitely handle that.   I hope you find a pair that make you happy too!  Happy shopping!!

Go here now and get yours! Free Glasses

Mama Nic

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