Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween.....Times Three!

3 kids.

3 Costumes.

3 times the fun on Halloween!

Carving pumpkins captured their attention for about five minutes....then onto something else and Mom and Dad get to finish and clean up.  Boo!

But they were cute while it lasted.

Scoop those seeds.  (Bubba thought the seeds were too smelly and wouldn't do it....he has a super sensitive nose.)

Daddy helping.

Chica overseeing the project.

All done!

I had the kids draw on pumpkins that I outlined on paper so I could see what they wanted to design.  Since Bubba was Lone Ranger for Halloween, so was his pumpkin.

Marmalade just scribbles, so this is what I came up with for her.

And one for Chica....also designed by Mama.

3 Muskateers!

And here they are!  Well , here is two of them anyway.....

One happy and one not so happy at the moment. 

My Little Jessie from Toy Story!  I took a white button down shirt and sewed on some yellow fabric and fringe that I had in the house.  The pants I added cow print fabric that I ordered from Etsy onto denim shorts.  I bought cheap red boots from Ebay and the hat was leftover at work from a photo shoot.  Just the finishing touch I need for this little cowgirl!!!  Yee Haw!  She loved it.


I added pink and green fabric to the brown headband we had.  Then I added some green felt as grass. 

I sewed on orange fabric for the fish and black felt for the wrap.  I took a black sharpie and drew some lines on the fish and added the word "sushi"........or I hope that it is what it says.  I did the best I could tracing Japanese letters off the computer.  I sewed a strip of grass down each side of her back.  Cutest Sushi I ever did see!!!    She wore white pants that we already had......notice a there here?  Use what you have at home and just make it better!  That is what it is all about.  Be creative and use your resources. 

Bubba was really into his costume until he had to put it on...then, not so much.  The hat we had.  I made a felt mask.  The handkerchief we had, as well as the jeans.  I bought this shirt at Walmart that he can wear again.  And he was supposed to wear his work boots but insisted on sneakers.  What can I say?  the Lone Ranger does what he wants.  Still all and all.....cute!

Cousins getting ready to take on the neighborhood!


And finally, the master planner of this little Halloween tribe.....the Sushi Chef and her little Sushi Roll! 

Hope you had a safe and happy Halloween! 

Mama Nic

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