Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2 Things I Dig Lately

So at this point in my pregnancy, as I am not working and will all that is going on.....there are 2 things that I dig.

1.  A Plan
2.  A Deal

When my Mother bought a few items for me at Motherhood Maternity, she got a packet of coupons and brochures.  Not the usual junk but some great loot!  ($20 gift card to Shutterfly which will come in handy for birth announcements, a free baby sling, free car seat canopy, free nursing cover and loads of coupons too)

One of the items that was included was a $10 gift card to Plum District which has daily deals designed just for Moms.  So I took my 10 bucks and saw what they had to offer.

I found a 3 month subscription for $12 that offers weekly meal plans, grocery shopping lists for the week and tips on how to save time and money.  You can check out their website HERE.  They claim it is the busy Mom's guide to making dinner, saving time and money.  So I cashed in my $10 gift card and paid 2 dollars for this system.    We shall see what happens.  I am not a great cook (thank goodness my hubby is!) but I can follow a recipe for the most part and since I am home now for the next few months I thought I would give it a  try.  Even if I don't use all the meal plans, getting some new recipes and organization sounds ok to me.

I got my 1st weeks plan today and will check it over give it a go.  This could be fun.  The only thing is the cost estimate for the weekly meals seems a bit high to me even though it is supposed to be saving money.   I guess maybe I am pretty cheap!  hahaha   I think I will have to coordinate some store sales with the meals perhaps, or pick out a few meals and then eat some staple kind of meals that are cheap and easy and I know my kids will eat the rest of the week.   This will be a great way for all of us to try new dishes and get out of some ruts.

The 1st week's plan in called Better Than Burgers..............we shall see.  I will give you an update on the system and let you know what I think.

In other news, Mother's Day was nice.  Nice sunny day, brunch with my Mom and Dad, My Mother and Father in law, Brother in Law, and my Sister's whole family.  It was great.  then we enjoyed some outdoor time and I got to test out my new Zero Gravity Lounge Chair while I watched the kidds play in the yard and blow bubbles...........aaaaaw so relaxing. My kids both made me something at daycare and their projects melted my heart.  I hope you all had a nice day too!

Medically speaking, this week has been boring.  Hooray for that!!!  I had way less cramping and no back pain in the last week due to majorly chilling out and resting up.  So I am happy to report that my doc appointment this week was a breeze and I will be seen again in 2 weeks and also get another ultrasound.  We have made it to 31 weeks are 2 days!  That is something to be happy about.

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