Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family Time

Happy Memorial Day!


This past weekend was great.  Sunny, warm, and a family picnic to celebrate Memorial Day.

It was great.  It is nice having my Sister live close by because for one, I love her but also because she has 2 children close in age to mine.  She has two daughters.  My poor son who is already outnumbered will be outnumbered even more once baby girl arrives!

 Here are my beautiful nieces.  One is turning 6 at the end of the summer and one is turning 2 this week.

Since my kids are 3 1/2 and almost 2, it is awesome to see how they all interact.........oh.....and it is also very LOUD!


 These are the soon to be Birthday Girls.....both turning two.  Their relationship is a Sisterly one.  They are each annoyed at each other and very competitive OR they are loving each other.  Here, they are loving each other and my heart just melts!


This little Sass below, also known as Marmalade, is up to trouble lately.  She is a girl who knows what she wants, when she wants it and she lets you know.  Well, hello there "Terrible Two's"!  She is getting into everything lately and climbing everything in sight.  She is a handful to watch and wears me out everyday for sure!  But.....I love her. 

I have made it to my 33rd week in pregnancy!  Today is an ultrasound and I have to admit that I am nervous because it seems that every time we do testing or have appointments,  something else to worry about is found.  I am hoping and praying that today goes well. They are looking for the placement of that pesky Mirena, following up on the Choroid Plexus Cysts on baby's brain, and checking her for proper growth.  I will give you an update on that later in the week.  Send positive thoughts our way, especially today.  I know you all do every day anyway....we can feel them.  Thanks a bunch for all your support, comments, emails and prayers.  I can't say how much  they have all meant to me.

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