Thursday, May 10, 2012

30 week Appointment....Some Good News and Then Some Other Stuff

OK.  I had my check-up yesterday and I tell ya......there is never anything boring about my visits. 

Let's start with the good that was found,  shall we?
  • My test for Gestational Diabetes came back normal.
  • That round of blood work also showed I am not anemic AND my platelet count is UP to 139!  (still below normal range on 150-400, but the number went up and not down and so that is what I am concentrating on)
  • Baby's heartbeat was great.
And for other stuff..............

  • My daily cramping made the doc send my urine to the lab to make sure a UTI wasn't casing the contractions.  I can bet that is not it or I would have had a UTI without knowing for the last 8 weeks.  But, I am thankful for a doc who is doing something for me.  She also asked if I was drinking enough water and I can say a big YES, on that one so that cause is ruled out.  Then she pulled in ultrasound machine to check my cervical length and luckily it was normal.  She waived the wand around my belly and when she got to the spot that she thought she saw the was on the exact spot that my cramps come from.  So I would bet that it is the Mirena causing the cramping although she wasn't going to say for sure because she said it could be a number of things.  I have found that any doc is hesitant to say anything for certain about the Mirena....... 

  • She checked my cervix and it is still closed.  Phew.

  • Then she said I was measuring small.  Here we go again is all I could think.  My daughter had Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) and she was small but healthy so I pray the same thing for this child.  To read about IUGR click HERE.

The plan is to see her back in a week to check cervical length by ultrasound again.  If is does start shortening there are medications to go on to stop pre-term labor,  but so far was are all good and hopefully we can avoid that altogether. 

I also have an ultrasound scheduled in 3 weeks to check again and to follow up on the choroid plexus cysts that were found on the baby's brain, follow up on the baby's growth  and also to check on the damn Mirena.  The further I am along the harder it is to locate the Mirena on ultrasound but they have to try so we know a little more of what we are dealing with here. 

So that is the scoop.  Some good, some not so good news.  I am thankful, I can't say enough for the care the doc gave me and how she plans to follow up on these things in the coming weeks.  She made me feel really comfortable. 

Here is a video that I am dedicating to all the Mother's in the world.  I love this. 
Happy Mother's Day Mamas!!!

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