Friday, May 4, 2012

Proud Blogger Moment!

I got the email this morning!  I had applied to be a part of Top Mommy Blogs and I got accepted!!!  Wahooo.  I am very proud of myself for going for it.  I started writing this blog as a was to cope with my fast changing life and also to help others find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their struggles with Motherhood's surprises and to celebrate the process of finding joy and comfort in ALL life has to offer......the good and well....not so good. Surprises in life are all great teaching moments.  They give you character and help define and find yourself.  Although they may be scary at times, please keep that in mind.  Surprises have a purpose.  It has been such a great outlet for me and I am glad that I hit publish that 1st time and decided to stick with it.  Thanks for everyone who follows along.

Top Mommy Blogs is a ranked and rated directory of Top Mommy Blogs and am so very proud to have been accepted into these rankings.  Please visit my blog often and when you do, click on the link at right top of the page that says "click to vote" so that I can move my way up the rankings and see your support.  This should be a fun adventure.

Wanna give me my 1st vote?  Click on the link below if you would be so kind.  When searching for my blog it will be located in the category of Family Life.  Search words are:  pregnancy, family, Mirena, sewing, Motherhood.
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And since my mantra has been lately to "Embrace Life's Surprises," I have a little story for you from this morning.
I went into my daughter's room and noticed right away a bad smell.  She was naked as a jay bird in her crib holding her dry diaper!  "Mama.  Diaper."  she says.  She had taken off her pajamas (don't ask me how she managed that) and her diaper and was standing in a pool of pee.  I had to laugh and I thought.....well, at least it isn't poop!  It was truly funny although it was a big mess to clean up.  She is such a ham and her toddler shenanigan's have certainly began!  Instead of getting angry or annoyed at the extra work this caused me I embraced the surprise and let out a big laugh.  Probably not the best reaction from me since this will want to make to do it again but what can you do?  Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. 

Have a great day everyone!

29 weeks and 4 days.  :)


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    1. Thanks for following along! I will go to your blog now and do the same. Thanks for the kind words and your support.