Monday, May 21, 2012

Stars Are Aligning

My Daughter being a Mrs. Fix-it
It was a busy week, but very productive!

I would first like to say that today baby girl and I hit a great milestone.........32 weeks!  This is an important stage to get to because babies born at this stage have a great survival rate and are healthy.  Organs are functional although the lungs may need a bit more time to fully mature.  It is a huge relief to have made it this far!!

In other news,  I am now officially a mini-van driving Mama!

The new wheels

Also, my Hubby is also getting different jobs working construction that are usually a hefty commute with no cell service but today he starts a local job and is a call away.  Again....huge relief! And his hours allows him to help out in toting kids around too. 

Our apartment we have for rent is looking good to start renting and fingers crossed, we think we may have a tenant.

Also last week my kiddos became roommates.  I was very hesitant to start this since she is a great sleeper and he is not.  We needed the nursery for new baby and wanted to give them a chance to adjust before she gets here.  So far, even with an episode of my son's night terrors, it is working out.  

Hubby also did a lot of work on our home.  We have been remodeling for over 3 years, added a second story and mudroom addition and although we still have work to do.....I have to say it is coming together!  Great job, Honey!!!

So it was busy, busy, busy for the past week and that did catch up with me.  Lots of cramping and contractions so I am on major chill mode this week.  Still getting contractions today so I am drinking lots of water and limiting activity. 

Here are some radon photos from the week.

I found these treasures and couldn't pass them up.  They will serve as our new end table/kiddo desk for our new living.

Fun with stickers~

A cheesy grin.

Have a great Monday, everyone!!!

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