Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Marmalade!

What can I girl is 2!

Here she is all dressed up for her Princess Party with the dress I sewed for her.  Couldn't ask for a better model. 

Enjoying her new sprinkler.

Loving on the doll that Poppy gave to her.

And of course the Princess Garden cake!  That wand and crown kill me.

Make a wish, Sweetie.  The world is yours.

Thanks for the lift, Grammy!

What a delicious day.  

Today is her official Birthday.  Two.  I can't believe that she is two.  I also can't believe I now have a 3 and a 2 year old and am expecting baby #3 any day now.  I am now 38 weeks!  That is also something I can't believe!

I have  doctor's appointment this morning. My Mother is going with me.  She just called and said maybe we are more intimidating in numbers.  Will all of the issues I have had we just want to make sure that I am really being taken care of the best way possible.  Sometimes that means asking tough questions to the doctors and putting them on the spot....questioning everything and listening to your gut feelings at all times.   

Deep breathes and positive thoughts.  I am just so anxious as to how this story will unfold.  It is making me a bit crazy, I have to be honest.....and emotional. More on this later.............

For now, Happy Birthday Sweet Marmalade!!!!!!!!!

Mama Nic

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