Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pieces of My Heart, Part 3

So to continue my baby/birth story before I have no mind left at all.  And I say this because I keep walking into rooms knowing I went in there to do something or get something,  and then my mind goes blank.  Like, totally blank!   There I stand, dumbfounded as to why I am there.  Also, I lost my phone this morning.  I blamed Marmalade right off the bat.  I searched everywhere for the phone.  Toy bins, couch cushions, counters, floor, the dollhouse.  I even looked in the refridgerater because I once got something out of the fridge after I had Marmalade and left my phone in there.  Well, after all that it ended up being in my sweatshirt pocket that I was wearing that morning.  Poor Marmalade.  Innocent.

So, on with the story...................

It was July and I was still pregnant.  This was a fantastic achievement! I was proud of myself for making it this far along and I was thankful for I knew every day she could stay tucked away safe in my womb, she would have a greater chance in this world of being healthy.  As annoying as the end of pregnancy can be, not too mention uncomfortable, I was glad she stayed put. 

At this point, the 38 week mark,  my platelets were being monitored still and although they had been low all along, they were now dropping to that borderline number where I may or may not be able to have an epidural.  The cut-off I was told was usually at 100, although it was up to the anesthesiologist that day as to what was considered a safe zone.  I was now at 104.  Yikes!!!

I was having stronger contractions and cramping.  I knew I was 50% effaced and 2 cm dilated already and everyday I woke up I thought, this may be the day.  On the one hand I was wishing I would go into labor any day, and on the other I was thinking it would be better to be induced once my platelet situaiton was more under control and it would be a more stable environment.  I was so torn and in the end I knew it didn't matter what I wanted.  What would be would be.  I also started getting stomach flu-like symptoms this week which could be another sign that labor was coming up.  I did a lot of sitting / bouncing on my yoga ball and walking starting this week.  At the end of 38 weeks after my 3rd appointment that week it was decided that if I didn't go into labor on my own by the 10th I would be induced.  I would be 39 weeks and one day.  At this appointment though she thought I was in early labor and so did I!   I was no about 80% effaced and 2 cm dilated and contractions were happening all day.  Doc said she could feel my bag of water just on the edge and wouldn't be surprised it if broke anytime now.  Then, once again........nothing.

I somehow managed to make it through the weekend and by Sunday I realized I just needed to rest up.  No more walking or trying acupressure or eating Chinese food.....just rest.  

My platelets were checked again that Monday morning and they were at 103.  One digit closer to the unknown for the epi and I was SO annoyed!  Doctors had planned on admitting me that day if they were below 100 and doing some i.v steroids to pump up the number,  but since it was 103 they did nothing.   Nothing!!!  It was to close for comfort for me.

I went to bed that night with much anticipation of the labor and delivery.  What would happen to me?  Would my baby be effected by any of this?  The low platelets?  The Mirena?  Would my placenta deliver on it's own?  It never has, so that would be a miracle too.   All  this unknown will soon be known.  Soon.

To be continued..........................

Enjoy some more pictures of that babe.  

Buddha Belly!

Tubby Time!

All fresh and clean! 

The good life!

Mama Nic

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