Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pieces of My Heart, Part 2

To sum up the weeks until my 18th week in pregnancy I would say this.  Physically as the pregnancy progressed I felt worse and worse and emotionally, things were starting to take a toll on me as well.  The worse morning sickness I had ever had that lasted all day and night,  every day for almost 4 months, along with getting a sinus infection, horrible back pian already,  and my endless worries about baby and I were real challenges.  We pulled through the challenges one at a time.  Day by day.  "Just keep swimming.  Just Keep swimming!" was our mantra.  I pulled strength from my family and friends and from being creative because that always makes me feel better too.

Then this day happened. My 18 week ultrasound.

At 21 weeks I started physical therapy for my back and continued to go up until birth.   I started having round ligament pain.  At 22 weeks I started having horrible cramping and had to be seen to make sure I was not in preterm labor.  That cramping would go on every week until delivery.  This week it was also discovered that I had gestational thrombocytopenia.

By week 28 I was just a mess and doc said enough was enough.   I stopped working.  It seemed to shock my co-workers but with the pain I was in everyday,  it wasn't a total shock to me.  Being home helped me immensely.  After a few week I was finally getting some relief from the back pain and emotionally I was able to take out the stress of holding it all together and working,  It was time to slow things down.  I knew in my heart that if I hadn't of done that Iwould have had this baby way to early and she was already at risk.

Fast forward to 33 weeks.   An ultrasound went great.  Besides not being able to locate the Mirena anymore, the baby looked perfect.  A true miracle!

From there the weeks just passed.  I felt blessed for everyday I got to carry her.  All my doctors were monitoring me for all the issues.

And finally, July had arrived!  It wouldn't be long now.

To be continued.....................

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