Friday, July 27, 2012


Marmalade taking care of Chica.  She gave her Dora and a blanket.
Still sleepy.
Look at the butterflies,  Little Sister.
Bored watching Mama do dishes.
Her fav place to be....right on my chest.
Can't help but kiss that sweet face!
Comfy in her My Sweet Marmalade pinafore.  Who knew when I originally sewed this one that it would end up on MY baby! 
Mama, I can see you ya know.
Tiny hand, tiny pocket.
Love all the summer bright fabric.  Pinafore and burp cloth from My Sweet Marmalade.  New boppy cover from Memories Maid by Angie.
Happy Friday, Everyone!
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  1. So sweet! Sisterly love is the best!
    You look beautiful, by the way :-)

    1. The Sisters are getting along great. Not the jealousy I expected. Marmalade loves taking are of Chica. Big bro has been great with her too. :-)