Monday, July 2, 2012

Time is A'Tickin and I Just Wanted to Say Thank You

I started this blog partly for selfish reasons.  I needed an outlet, a way to vent, to be accountable, to find hope.  I also started this blog because when I found myself pregnant on the Mirena (iud),  I searched and searched on the internet and felt like in this big big world I was alone in this situation.  Or so it seemed.  I dug around on the internet to try to find someone....anyone who went through this.  How did it happen, how did it turn out, what can I expect, how do they feel, are their babies healthy, are they ok?  So many questions and unfortunately, I didn't find the answers I was looking for.  I am sure I AM NOT the only one in this situation but I guess nobody wanted to share their experience.  I think sharing is important and if I can help another Mama to be feel like she is NOT alone and that she CAN do this, I have done my job.

I don't have a crystal ball.  I don't have any way to know how this story will all turn out.  It is risky I know,  telling you all my personal thoughts and private medical issues but it just seems that sharing has been healing for me.

I wanted to officially thank you......and you.....and you.  YOU have gotten me through these last nine months, even if you didn't know that is what you where doing.  It was and I thank you.

I have found such hope in other Mommy Blogs and I need to share with you these links.

Warning:  Clicking these links may change your point of view on your own life.  They sure did for me.

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My list goes on but here are some special highlights.

I have also found the community on Baby Center to be very supportive and it was on there that I actually found ONE Mama to document her journey being pregnant on the Mriena and delivered a healthy baby at 37 weeks.  It was no easy journey for her either and knowing she made it through gives me hope.

To readers and people I don't know who follow along......I thank you too.  For your comments, for the likes on Facebook when I post my blog, to the people I work with (even though I have been out of work for going on 10 weeks now!), for my friends, and family and husband and two little kiddos that I am so lucky to have as my own.......Readers in countries like Pakistan, Russia, Germany, Norway, Latvia and so many more.  I can see that you are reading and I am amazed!  You have all done your part to get me here.  To get us here.

I had my 38 week appointment today.  Things with me (besides the low platelets and mirena that is somewhere in my body) are good.  Things with the baby are good.  I  had blood drawn today and my platelet number has fallen to 104.  I see my hematologist tomorrow afternoon.  The doc today said that things are pretty much hinging on the platelet number.  If the results came back in an acceptable range then he would not tempt fate anymore and most likely induce me next week.  If the results showed my level was too low, most likely I would be put on steroids to pump up the level and then induce me right away when the number picked up.  Since the number is 104, right on the border of being ok....or not ok...I have no idea what they will decide.  I can say that it is very probable that I will have this baby one way or another within a weeks time.

So.  As I said, time is a'tickin and I needed to formally and officially thank all of you for being here for me.

Mama Nic


  1. I admire and respect you...and have loved you since you were a perfect 5th grader. You and yours are in my prayers. This 3rd Miller will be as blessed and treasured as her siblings. "Gifts from God" start out as surprises and end up being the baby you will forever (even when she's 80)ask yourself,"What would I ever have done without you?" I promise. I know. Mary Stred

    1. Deep breathe. Wiping tears and clearing big lump in throat.....I know you are right. She definitely was meant to be here with us. She is a gift for sure. I am already in love. A few short days now and she will be here. THANK YOU thank you THANK YOU!

  2. I think it is wonderful that you have documented your experience here so that other women in your situation may find hope and comfort. I will be keeping you in my thoughts. You are so strong. You are a wonderful Mama. I wish you continued health, strength, peace and love. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new little one. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Amy. You have been a constant follower of this blog and always say the nicest and most inspirational comments. I don't know you but feel like I do. Pictures will be coming for sure! THANK YOU!