Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Seashell in My Pocket

Sometimes having a tangible reminder of your dreams is just the thing you need.  It doesn't have to be big, or expensive,  or even be seen by anyone other than yourself.  Here is something that no one knows about me........  I carry a tiny seashell in my pocket some days.  It is a tiny shell but a BIG reminder to focus,  and do the daily work I need to do now in order to accomplish my dreams.  It gives me faith and hope.  It calms a panicked heart and mind.     


That tiny little shell represents my dream of coastal living, salty air, sunshiny days, warm nights, being outside and active year-round,  and so much more.  It's about a different quality of life that I want to attain for my family.  It represents a home on a sunny spot of land,  with lush tropical landscaping all around, a pool with screened in lanai, ample rooms  for the each of us to have our own space, a sewing area/office for writing, a playground for the kids, a workspace for my husband to tinker about and fix the 107 things that always seem to need fixing. A place for my husband and for all us us, to kick back,  relax,  and enjoy.  I want this  nestled in a safe and family friendly neighborhood,  with lots of trees and caring neighbors all around.

The shell also represents new life in a career for me.  It represents my Etsy business and writing full-time.  I want to write from anywhere and be present and available for my children when they need me.  I want to be around in the afternoons after school (once they start school) to pick them up and bring them to activities, help with homework, make dinner, and be BE there with them and with my husband.  I want to sew teeny tiny dresses because that really makes me happy,  and I want to write because that is a challenge and I feel fulfillment from it.  I want my office to be anywhere I chose it to be.  I want that freedom.

Tall order?  Absolutely.  But they say:

 So go out and find that tiny reminder for yourself.  I promise it will help you.  Be brave.  Be bold.  We only have this one life!

Mama Nic

P.S.  Did you guess where the pictures where taken from the last post?  Do you know where our place in the sun is?  That's right!  Florida........SW Florida...........Sarasota and Charlotte County Area......Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice. All lovely areas.  We will see what shakes out in the future for us there.  In the meantime I will "Hang Loose.  Hang Loose.  Let the ocean worry about being blue." - Alabama Shakes  And of course, hold that seashell close to me.  :)

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