Monday, May 20, 2013

Manic Monday...Um...Not so much today.

Despite Bubba recovering from having a fever yesterday, the girls noses running constantly, and allergies kicking my behind today, the four of us managed to pull it together and have a lovely day.  Daddy was at work and we got to be home.

Having structure in the day really helps.  It helps me and it helps the kids to know what to expect. It make everyone feel comfortable.   If you have a child who has night terrors like I do,  you know when your kid is  sick or has recently been sick, the night terrors are bound to be more likely. That was the case last night so i tried to keep things calm today.  Routine is so important on these days and because Bubba couldn't go to school yet, it was my job as a Mama to make things predictable for him.  Having a routine really helps to cut back on the night terrors.  I can't stress that enough.

I tried keeping with the schedule of his school in the morning,  and let him know that if he felt better by afternoon we would all get some fresh air.  I let him know what he could expect all day and what we coming next.  It worked out great and I even got all three to nap at once.  (I napped too, of course!)  The days where I felt I HAD to rush off to clean, clean, clean, when the kids are asleep are gone.  I now realize that getting rest too and having time to fill back up is way more important.  A run-down Mama leads to cranky kids, which leads to an irritated Mama, which leads to a big ugly cycle of negativity.  Mamas, take care of YOURSELF during the day and you will see a positive impact on your kids too.  I swear!  It works.

Here are a few shots of the afternoon.  It ended up being a lovely day.  I hope you all had lovely days too.
The "big kids" were so exited to shuck the corn and they did a great job!

Bubbles make every kids happy.

and snacks.......they make Chica happy.  :) 

Marmalade concentrating on making the perfect bubble. 

Now that Chica is crawling, she loves to explore the yard.  Oh look Mama!  I found some water the from rain earlier today.

Splash!  (Let them have fun and don't be uptight about a mess.  Kids are washable.)

Despite that I already bathed all of them earlier in the day, I said it was ok to play inthe sand.  Bubba was pretending they were at the beach.  I like that thought and I love their imaginations.  

They all love the sandbox this year.  Marmalade is screaming "Hi Mama!"

View from the yard. 

Chica is still amazed by the water!

Our little happy corner of the world.

Chica practicing her standing. 


It is so great to see all my babies playing in the yard.

They are all playing together,  yet doing their own thing.  I love that.

The Three Musketeers!

My three bums. Love. Love, and Love.
After our playtime, Daddy came home and threw some ribs and portabella mushrooms that I had marinated all day onto the grill.  he is the official grill-master in our house.  We boiled the corn and assembled outside for our first meal outside this year, on the picnic table that Daddy built.  It was our first meal outside of the season as a family of five!  The meal was great expect for the pesky May flies and some whining kids here and there.  It was delisious and everybody filled there bellies.  What more could you ask for?

Then,  it was onto playing frisbee and ball, while Chica crawled around the yard.  Daddy looked on, relaxing for a minute after a hard day's work.  For a moment, everything felt just right.  Moments like that usually don't last,  but when you get one, breathe it in and be grateful!  I did,  and I am grateful for having such an amazing family that I love so dear.

I hope your Mondays were filled with love and sunshine too.

Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic

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