Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Roll With It

It is fast approaching summer.  Just when I have gotten into a groove here with our family's schedule, it will all change.....again. 

"Roll with it."  This is my mantra.
This is not my foot,  although I love the idea!  I found her on Pinterest. 

My husband brought up the point that Bubba never gets a break from preschool.  He goes five days a week, all year long.  His only break from preschool is if we go on vacation and take him out.  Hubby approached  me with the idea to have him stay at home with me and the girls three days a week, and send him to school on the two days we send Marmalade.  Chica goes to a daycare on those days, so I can go to my office job.  This will give him a "summer break".  (Well, sort of anyway.)  I also know that the sister will like having him around more. 

At first, to be completely honest  I had a negative reaction to the idea.  The fact that things were just feeling manageable for me, and the fact that when you get this boy off his routine, things become a nightmare and is night terrors and bad behavior quickly return.  He is a good boy at heart, but he is a four year old and still a young man in training.  He has lots of training ledft to do. 

When I got the chance to stew about this for a day, my opinion drastically changed.  When else can I do this with my kids?  Now is the time that this will work, so why not take advantage of being at home a few days a week with my little loves?

I decided to turn the three days a week into a home preschool.  We would do lessons, crafts, have outside play, reading, field trips, the works!

I know, you are probably thinking that he still isn't getting a break from school, but trust me, this is better than having them do nothing all day.  I think they will love this idea.

I didn't want him to stop learning while he was on summer beak, and knew that he would love the structure and projects that I could do with him.  I also wanted to keep them all busy so they wouldn't get bored and fight.  Plus,  it would be good for me to have some structure to my days with them as well. 

photo of: Slab of Tree Mounted in Preschool Classroom (via RainbowsWithinReach)
Love this idea of a tree growing in the room and this would so fit into our log home!

Before I knew it, I was knee deep into looking up lessons.

Wish us luck!  Schools starts Moinday.

Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet,
Mama Ni

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