Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting it Together

Welcome my friends,  to a series I am going to call "Windows of the Soul Wednesdays."
Me and the water.  I thrive and feel most alive around bodies of water.....therefore, I will live next to a beautiful ocean harbor!  Water energized me and calms me at the same time. 
I will try to convey some inspiring and brain stretching ideas here,  along with some photos to help us out.

A gift from Mother Nature that I was lucky enough to see on my trip to Punta Gorda.

Here we go.

The phrase "getting it together" is a phrase that I think of often this year.  It means a variety of things to me on any given day.  It can mean reorganizing the house in a way that works for me, it can mean trying different discipline techniques with my children, it can mean eating healthier, or working on projects to enhance my career.  It can mean all of things and more.
Enjoying nature and days at the park with my family is something that I have found to be important in my life.  I want to live where parks and sunny days are plentiful.  Here was one of my favorite trees I saw in Florida.  I love the Spanish Moss that is flowing from it, making it easy and breezy and carefree.  This is the park in Harbor Heights, Punta Gorda which happened to be one of the most lovely parks I have ever  seen. 

Here is the more and in my humble opinion, the big one....... 

Getting it together means taking the time and the space that is needed around making important decisions in my life.  To get to know who I am.  What do I stand for, what do I want out of life?  What brings me joy, where do I want to live, what do I want to spend my days doing, what is going to be my contribution to the world?  Getting it together for me is about making authentic decisions for what I will allow in my life and what I want out of life.  Only when we know the answers to these questions , and the answers do not come easy,  do we even have a shot at being happy.  I have meditated and prayed on these topics and finally feel like I can see the path.  That in itself is a huge blessing!  It is a journey, and you know that I am not foolish to think that I can see every twist in the road, but I can clearly see the path.  I will use my heart to guide me in the right direction. 

Sometimes the path is dark and you can't quite see what is down the way.....but you call on your faith and believe in your heart that you are headed for something great!

Lovely hibiscus hubby and I came upon as we ventured around Punta Gorda......another gift of Mother Nature that I am thankful for seeing.  I want to live in a place that has these gifts all around!

Me and the Sea.  It doesn't get any better than that.

I hope you take the time this year to find what makes you happy.  Don't be afraid to go for it!  This is your one life.  Use it wisely.    Go out and get it together!

Peace, Love, and Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic

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