Saturday, May 25, 2013

What Pinterest Looks Like in Real Life (In my Bathroom)

Don't ya just love Pinerest?  I find it so useful for so many things.  Organizing all my favorite sties in one place, recipes, parenting advice, preschool lessons and activities, sewing ideas,  inspiration, travel, party ideas.....the list goes on and on.  Follow me on Pinterest if you are curious as to what I pin.  Click here to follow me.

My main point here today is to show you how I use these pins. 

Sure we spend lots of time pinning, but do you actually do any of the ideas or are you just a pin addict?  It is ok to admit the truth.  No judgements here!  I admit to both. Moving on.

I want to start documenting here on my blog, what Pinterest looks like in real life.  Here is the first example.

I will start on a project that I did in my bathroom.  I started a board  on Pinterest called, "Mama is Getting it Together."  This board is one that I have done many of the projects.    

The project I just completed was inspired by this:

My bathroom off my bedroom, is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Ok, it is my favorite room.  We didn't always have a bathroom like this.  We started out with a small 1950's ranch and literally had to built a second story.  (A reno like this is NOT for the faint of heart!) Anyway, we designed this bathroom as a luxury spa-like retreat, sparing no detail unattended to. The kids use the bathtub more than we do, but looks pretty and I know it is there if I ever get a chance to enjoy it.

I don't have a picture of the pink,  metal siding ranch that it started out as handy to post today.  (I will find one later.)  Then it was a single story, log-sided home, then a two story one.

Home sweet home.  

( doggies.  Miss you Maguiness.)



The color, the fixtures, the tiles, sink, showers, toilets, were all picked by hand by my husband and I.  All of the actual work to make it all happen (sheet-rock, sanding, paint, installing EVERYTHING, tile, you name it) where all done by my husband , and our family helped too here and there.   I am lucky girl to have a bathroom like this and I know it!

Here.......follow me. Take the tour.
(see.....real mirror with real streaks!)

(baby bath in our bath)

(Hi Marmalade!)

(Say Hi to Mr. Haiti.  Hubby brought him back from Haiti and my family loves him.)

(real laundry)

(River rocks that we bought to use for our wedding vases have been re-purposed as a floor! (Well, to fill in here and there anyway) "Aaaww.  I know.  Sweet, right?)


(A gift we got from our wedding and the curly willow branches used at the wedding make a perfect statement here)

Details, details, details.  They make all the difference and this look, came together at last couple of years.  Every piece was thought out before it got a place in our bathroom.  We are supposed to think that "stuff" isn't important and it is not.  But, the stuff we surround ourselves with in our home should make the space feel sacred and yours.  Choose wisely and be picky about what gets a spot in your house. 

When we ever move, it will be a room that will be missed greatly.  The thought put into this room makes it mean so much.  The pictures hanging were taken in St. John,  on our honeymoon.  Some things I can obviously take,  but others are built right in the house and hopefully another family will appreciate them.

My only complaint  for this bathroom, is that we don't have a linen closet.  We use our closet in our Master Bedroom, which is a walk-in closet,  for towels and linens too.  It works, but it isn't the most handy at times.  For hand towels and washcloths, I was using a basket on the floor in the corner of the bathroom.  It looked alright and did the trick however, Chica is in the crawling stage,  and she LOVES to threw all the contents of the baskets, one by one onto the floor.  She does this again, and again and again.  Enough already!  So, this basket on the floor no longer works for this Mama.

Up on the wall they go.

I used both pictures above as my inspiration and did my "real life" version of it.



I used a stud finder, a power drill, 3 screws, 2 baskets that I already owned, a candle that I already had in the bathroom,  a shell from a recent trip to the sea, and our hand towels, bath towels,  and washcloths.  It didn't take long,  and all and I had them up on the wall. 

I know what you are thinking.  Her towels don't all match and maybe she could use some nicer towels.  Truth.  I thought about changing them to only the nicer matching towels, but that would not be "Real Life Pinterest,"  You get me?  I didn't wipe the mirror or hide the toys........This is the real world,  people.  I am pointing out the mirror streaks and laundry, not to be negative about myself, but to show you that it is ok to have a home that you love and live in,  and not have it be 100% clean 100% of the time.  If you have kids and can do this, please share with me how.  If it involves skipping fun things and rest to contastancly work at it, I  pass.  I am happy with my streaks.  I embrace them!

 Everything we do is NOT going to look as perfect or beautiful as a pin, but that shouldn't discourage us.  I love how this came out, and it works for our family.  I am proud of my bathroom redo that costs nothing.

I hope this helps inspire some ideas for your lovely abode! 


Love, Peace, and Sandy Feet,
Mama Nic

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