Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our Place in the Sun!

I know I haven't been around the land of blog in a while.  I am just going to jump right back in the water and try to catch you up as I go.  Thanks for coming back with me!  Sunny days are bound to be ahead!!!


If you know me at all, by now you will know that I love the warm sun, I live for salty air, I wish I could be with my little tribe outside most of the time.  Living where I do in New England, the sun is out some of the year but the winters are gray, bitter,  and long.  Salty air is is not to be found around this part of the state,  and being outside happens when the weather allows.  We are not the winter type folk who enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or anything in the aspect, although I do enjoy snowshoeing on a sunny and warm winter's day. I despise  having to drive on snow covered roads.  It is enough to give me a good panic attack!  I should be used to this since I was born and raised here.  As the years have passed my tolerance for winter months have dwindled and this year pretty much fizzled out for me.

Anyway, being cooped up in the house with the kids all winter really got to me.  Too much time inside the house and too much time in my own head.  Slightly disastrous mix.  Depression and anxiety (and through in some offbeat hormone issues for good measure) and this Mama had about all she could do to get to the Spring.

But here I am.  Still standing.  A little clarity has finally come to me and what I wish for my family's life and for me.  I am just going to say it.  I more than dream of coastal living at this point.  Years of reading of sunny places for pleasure, turned into researching, investigating, narrowing down state by state, city by city.  I do believe I have found a place that the dream of coastal living could turn into a reality.  It will be hard, no doubt leaving family and supportive friends, but at this point if we don't will be worse.  Regret is not something I want in my vocabulary years down the line.  What ifs?  If onlys.  Well, those phrases are what inspires me to push forward and take risks in my life. 

It won't happen overnight.  Having three little souls to care and nurture,  makes planning something like this a priority and a necessity.  Lots to consider and ponder and nothing to rush into.  We need to be sure what we are gettting into and what is the best thing for them as well.  You can rest assured family and friends that I have been doing my homework on the situation.

The first out of town assignment was checking out the location for ourselves.  After nearly a year of reading everything I could get me hands on about this place,  it was time to go.  Hubby and I took a much needed 2 night trip alone,  which in an of itself was heaven. I felt like I was interviewing the area for the biggest job of its life in a way, hoping that it would be everything I had imagined it was.  Needless to say, it passed with flying colors.  Much more on this topic as the weeks and months roll along.

I will let some pictures do some talking now about the area, since I have rambled on enough for one day.

Do you know where these photos where taken?  If you do, you know exactly the heaven I am talking about.  It is not a place for everyone,  but it sure at this point seems like a place for us!  Our place in the sun.

Mama Nic

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